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  • Great Waste of time

    For those who have any interest of all in machining I found a fantastic site.

    In the search box type in "Machine Shop" and there is a series of 10 machine shop related videos. They are professional quality and run 30-45mins each. They start out with the basics and cover both milling and lathe work. They also demonstrate how things are done not just explain them.

    Hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

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    Not a waste of time at all...thanks for the link. I know some people who will be very interested.


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      Good One!!

      Walter, thanks for posting that link. I started watching BASIC 1 and it is very well done. Going to have to watch the lot.

      No crap about pirates or Politics. Actually about machining!!!

      Maybe you should have posted as OFF TOPIC

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        interest in machining? you must have the wrong site

        thanks for the link


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          Swell...couldn't get the films to run.

          There a trick?


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            great vids maybe my kid can learn something from it he is in shop calss this year I sure did learn a few things i never knew


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              I just learned about Transfer Punches and that Centre Finder for the drill press. I thought that centre finders were only used on Milling Machines. No on second thought that is an Edgefinder used on a Milling machine.

              Is it possible to download the movies to my computer or do I just have to watch them online.

              Thanks again for this post.

              QSIMDO, what are you getting? Do you see the thumbnails of the movies? I click on the on thumbnail and then on play button on the bottom left. Try double clicking in the middle of the picture.
              Let us know how you go.

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                Excellent ...

                Thanks Walter,


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                  Numbers 8 and 9 are on how to use a lathe. And its a Monarch 10EE!

                  Really good for a beginner. I think I am going to use them for techshop basic training.


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                    Large clumps of hair I'm yanking from my head!

                    I'm running ZoneAlarm Security Suite and somehow the settings are screwing me up.
                    Never happened before. Even when logging in here to post a message it doesn't redirect after the "Welcome QSIMDO" bit.
                    This message may not post either as I've tried 3 times this AM & nought yet.

                    Ok, so I see I'm in.
                    I click on the thumbnails for MIT Machine Shop & it just stares back at me!

                    Imagine...I thought I'd like to learn CNC too. Fugedaboudit!
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                      Len, they have the videos in two formats: Flash (the default) and Windows Media Player. If you can see embedded Youtube videos you should be able to watch them.

                      If ZoneAlarm is still blocking you, you can download the Window Media Player files directly from the links Macona posted (the .WMV files). Be aware, they're about 150 MBytes each.
                      "Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did."


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                        How do you download them for later? WMV files should be able to be played on a slow connection after a midnight download?

                        (never mind) you start loading the links provided on page one of this post.. right click, save as... then click and it downloads to the directory of your choice..

                        five minutes per file.. shucks.. all you guys quit downloading while I am..
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                        Excuse me, I farted.


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                          It was security settings in IE, not ZASS.
                          It was a trial run at Youtube that tipped me off.
                          Thanks miker and lazlo...voices in the wilderness!

                          I'll just wear a hat 'til the hair grows back


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                            By the way, things like this have a habit of disappearing when posted on a WORLD WIDE forum.

                            If you want to watch it, have the disc space, I suggest you download it.

                            Seems heavy downloads near shut down servers.
                            Excuse me, I farted.