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  • RF-45 Clone Disassembly site

    Are there any sites out there that go through a pictorial disassembly of an RF-45 clone? I am planning on taking mine apart and was going to use the site at Industrial Hobbies, but they are reconstructing the site and won't be done for another 2 months. Old man winter will soon be here in Minnesota and I need to get my new mill in the basement so I can park the car in the garage.

    - T

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    Can't you just take pictures as you disassemble yours ? Unless it is the exact model pictures won't help anyway. They all differ in minor ways. I just had mine apart for two months and figured out how to reassemble it with some help from the manual and members of this site.


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      I am not worried about putting it together and I do plan to take pictures as I take it apart.

      I am more interested in the taking it apart side of the process and learning from the people that have done it before me.

      - T


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        This may be as close as you get. Good quality images taken during a teardown and rebuild. Just something from my archive ... not mine. Den

        You could also try Googling for Industrial Hobbies and the topic you want, then try the Google "cache" near the end of each (most) returned search items.
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          I could probably email a zip file of what I have it should not be that large.

          However, the process is take the motor off, take the head off, then the column, then the table, follow by the saddle. All done . This is what I did. The column is by far the heaviest piece, I would guess 250 lbs. It is actually the only piece I could not lift by myself. I slid it on another table of similar height as I was removing it. I then left it there until reassembly. Don't get me wrong the head and table are darn heavy too.

          Send me an email if you want the zip file. It maybe a backup in case the IH site disappeared