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need help with motor wiring on an old mill

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  • need help with motor wiring on an old mill

    ok my neibour has a Steinel verticial mill that needs to be wired up its 220 volt motor

    its a Blocher Motoer Metzihgen Type 00f25-814 NR49511 this is all the info i got and can even find we need help to wire it right so the mill will run again

    the mill was made in westeren German
    thanks in advance
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    3ph motor or 1ph motor? Is there a wiring diagram on the
    motor housing? Are there feed drives separate and is there
    a coolant pump? Useful to know for advice. Type of switch
    you are dealing with would be helpful also: DPDT? drum or
    drum variant?


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      ill have to go and see him and find out more and ill take some pics as well


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        ok we got it wire right got the motor to spin with some assistance from hand spinng u0p the sucker and we got both hi and low speed s but the sucker will not start up on it own and run so we suspece bad capasator int he motor or worne out motor futer inestation will tell

        still dont have the flood coolent motor running not sure on that one but there is no other info on the mill other then what i has first posted and no wiring diagrams either so little infor and such a nice mill...


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          Are you sure it is not a 3 Phase motor?
          If it is a single Phase there may be a capacitor on the motor which is bad.
          There must be more info on the motor then you give us. Check under covers or such.


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            Friend of mine just got a Stiener mill, it has a 1 1/2HP 3phase motor on it. Here is a link to a manual for it (in German!)
            I don't know if this is the one you have tho.



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              It sounds like a three phase motor running on single phase. How many wires does it have? I owned a Steinle for about 1/2 hour one day, can't remember much about it other than it was a very stout machine.
              Jim H.