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Early Gosiger drill press

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  • Early Gosiger drill press

    Out for a drive today, spotted this Gosiger drill press, which stands about 7 feet high, in small museum. And no, I'm not going to haggle for it, drag it home and make it functional again.

    The shed behind contains maybe 50 small restored stationary engines.

    The same place also has this fascinating (to me anyway) original sheet metal Vinolia Soap advertisement. It goes to show there is nothing new about spin-off advertising.

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    Well that has to be the 600th unique camel back drill press mfg.It seems that about that time everybody and their mother's uncle was making drill presses and lathes.

    Having the step cones standing vertical is a bit different from the normal recipe though.
    I just need one more tool,just one!


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      I had one of those gosiger drills , but sadly the top half had been ruined by a dose of salt water , and i could not salvage it, but i did keep the lower half and mounted a clausing flange mount drill press on it .


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        i dont think that base is original, mine is a square box section, with dovetailed ways for the table.

        the motor is missing.
        the flat beltpulleys are designed to allow shifting while the machine is running , the shift wheel is on the other side .


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          I have the same Gosiger tag on the gear cover of a South Bend 9C lathe. I do not think this company was a manufacturer, rather it was a purveyor/retailer of machine tools.


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            that is correct,
            in later years, however, if i recall correctly, they started out making drill presses and then got out of that, and into distributing machinery ect,
            think some one around here has a working drill with a box column, and i was contacted via this forum by another new person, but neverheard any more from him.


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              Gosiger still exists right here in Dayton. They are a distributor for several brands of machinery. They are my "local" Grob dealer (where I got my bandsaw tires). They also provide machinery repair and rebuilding services,IIRC. I have an old Wells horizontal bandsaw with the same embossed brass plate that is on the drillpress. I'm amazed at how far away their machinery has travelled.


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                pinging Andy Sargent , and John la Salle, gosiger owners....or are they over at PM ?


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                  I think that the drill press is made by Edlund, and distributed by Gosiger