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  • Adventuresome youth

    Young people sure are adventurous these days. I know of several young couples who have gotten married and then try to set up housekeeping without even a lathe or a milling machine! Can you imagine?!?

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    Shortly after I was married and had most of the laundry room full of my tools I found a Bridgeport in great shape for $1100. I told my wife about it and she could see I was excited about the find. She asked where I was going to put it and then said wait I know where you can put it. I thought I knew what she was going to say but surprised me. She said it will fit right in front of the stove. Since I like to eat and she is a good cook I postponed the purchase. Now I can buy anything that I want but there is a catch. When I buy something for the shop she buys something for the kitchen. Resturants would like to have a kitchen like my wife has. The worst part is that since I have retired and all the kids are gone we go out to eat most of the time. I use my tools but she mostly looks at the kitchen tools she has. It was a good trade off I'm happy and so is she.



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      I think if I don't get my new shop built this year I will have an 8'stroke planer for a kitchen table
      I just need one more tool,just one!


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        You know, even these older couples here in the suburbs are strange. When they open their garage doors, I don't see a lathe sitting in the second stall of their garage. It's hard to imagine.



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          I go to estate sales, partly because the wife likes them, but partly because I make sure we go to ALL the tool-bearing sales.

          Anyhow, in a lot of them (the ones I usually find boring) checking the basement reveals that the folks had two rusty and bent cheezo screwdrivers, a busted hammer, and a pair of nasty pliers. Usually there is paint splashed randomly on all of them.

          The screwdrivers are usually what I have heard called a "Target store lead screwdriver", meaning one that is made of soft steel and won't last. Like Stanley, or other such trash.

          Sometimes there is a rusty monkey wrench, or one of those pot metal universal wrenches.

          How do these folks DO that? They must call someone in for ANYTHING that needs done.

          If I had to live like that, I would go stark ravers. Not that plumbers etc shouldn't work, I call them if needed too.

          But, to have NO TOOLS and be utterly dependent on paying others for the simplest repairs? AAAAAAAAAAAA!


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            Had our 21st Wedding anniversary last thursday. Came into the marriage with a tablesaw, wood lathe, and jointer. Still have that plus countless other tools including lathe, mill, shaper, and drill presses.

            OK, so who are the stupid ones? When anything needs fixing repairing or building, they call me. Nobody else in the family has the tools or knows how to use them. They get evenings and weekends off



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              What annoys me at estate sales is when they had good tools (I have a Starrett micrometer standard that some retard made into a bad prick punch) and then abused them. Animals!

              I raise holy hell when I find an errant tool lying beside a computer in the house (apparently jumpers are easier to remove with my expensive needle nose pliers than fat fingers) instead of in its expected spot (where I had it).

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