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Shop and Planer update

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  • Shop and Planer update

    Here I am hanging the motor and sliding the table over. I also had to spin the machine around 180 degrees for the proper placement.

    Here I got the Barnes moved in.

    Here it shows the table is moved over and ready for a good cleaning before I lower it down onto the ways.

    Those are the machine skates I made siting on the table. They really worked out nice. I made the from wrist pins.
    This machine is in amazing condition considering its age. I will do a lot of cleanup on it before I start it up. The main thing is I got it inside before the rain hit here on the sunny Oregon coast. Hope you enjoyed this, I know I have. Jay
    "Just build it and be done"

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    thats some great looking equipment - glad they're finding a home


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      Congratulations on your rescue of some old iron---ain't nothing like it!! BTW: makes my SB-7 look sorta small! LOL!


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        Nice work,glad to see someone is making progress.
        I just need one more tool,just one!