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my first attemt at making an airgun breech

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  • my first attemt at making an airgun breech

    well after 3 days of messing around my first breech with a matching muzzle brake is mounted and ready to rock and works great. it still need some polishing but then again i might leave it alone not sure yet but its my first one and iam loving it ill never buy from crosman again ye ha!!!! I also milled the slot for hte rear site and i made a site pin for the brake as well..

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    i'd leave it as-is. i think it looks cool.

    andy b.
    The danger is not that computers will come to think like men - but that men will come to think like computers. - some guy on another forum not dedicated to machining


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      What is is mounted on? Did you make the barrel too or was that part of the donor to start with?

      Looks real nice!



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        hi there the gun is a crosman 2240 pistol i make alot mod parts for this gun and a few other like the 2289 1377 and so on all really cool and modable airguns.

        i do alot of barrel chops as well take 14 or a 24 and custom cut recrown stuf like that my wife makes the grips for these guns as well , i used to untill i got my lathe and hten no more now i got my lathe and a mill so even more i keep to my metal and she does the wood stuff for the guns.

        one of these days iam going to design and build my own airguns from scratch,

        my next project is to make a paint ball adapter for this model of airgun if it works then it will give yet another option for this gun for amo that can be used in it...

        i do alot more then just airgun stuff to on my equipment , but lately its been airguns and getting this breech and muzzle brake made our moto is the plastic must go


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          Very nice work

          I especially like the long loading trough. That should make loading easy. I modify air rifles for accuracy also. My latest was a barrel for a LG110 steyr.
          I designed a tapered chamber in order to center the pellet in the rifling as perfectly as possible. I used a Walther unfinished barrel to start. I crowned it with a match crown and free floated it. It is 27" long. I made a muzzle brake that is flat on the bottom so the reservoir can be changed easy. The muzzle brake is tuned to the barrel for the null point to be at pellet exit point.
          It is now very quiet and accurate