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    I am rebuilding and setting up a large polishing machine. The machine had about 20 leveling screws that pressed against shallow sockets in metal plates which sit on the concrete floor. The shop made leveling screws are all rusted to the point of ruining the fine threads when they are removed. I am looking for a source for good quality but low cost machine rubber foot type machine mounts. The mounting holes are 3/4 inch. I have looked at the 1000 to 2000 lb. capacity mounts in the Enco flyer I get. They are about $15 each but I have no idea what quality. Any ideas for a quantity of 20 or so mounts?

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    If you go with rubber mounts, you could change the dynamics of the machine and cause resonance at the operating speeds. The old mounts sound like they were metal against the floor. This is a much more rigid arrangement and will cause the resonance to be higher then with the rubber mounts.

    The Enco mounts may work fine, but you could run into problems, especially since the polishing machine sounds like something that needs to be fairly vibration free. This website has a number of suppliers that will be able to help you select the proper one for your machine



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      I expect the rubber mounts to add a good bit of damping to the system and make it a quiter running machine. Previously it rumbled. With so many support points there was always a loose one I suspect. I considered putting simple rubber pads under each steel foot plate but they were so messed up that I have torched them off. I wonder if there is a source of used machine mounts. I know of a scrap dealer who has barrells full of caster wheels at a very cheap price on a dig your own basis. Seems some one has a pile of used machine mounts. Someone says the Enco mounts might be too soft. I am interested in other experiences with mounts particularly in the heavy duty size range. I will use the size with a 3/4 diameter bolt.


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        Firestone makes a air bladder for machine isolation but they are not cheap. NASA uses them as do other extreme applications with total success. If you can't find them I can try to find my literature on them.

        An alternative to that is the Royal mounts - also not cheap.


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          I have a collection of the Firestone rubber mounts but unfortunately they are mostly sets of four and all different in size and therefore load capacity. I think the rubber bladders are really overkill for this application. I want to be able to pick up load at each of the 20 or so support points. More convenient to have all the mounts be the same when crawling around under the machine. The rubber will help damp the rumble of the 70" dia. table bearing I think. I would like to find someone who has a big stock of surplus mounts. I have a collection of standard stuff but again all kinds and most are too small.


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            This is usually about the time I walk in and say, "Hockey pucks."

            Cheap, available anywhere (in the civilized world) and easily tuneable to a desired hardness, size or design. (drll holes to reduce density, lathe turn or mill to change size / shape, bond steel plate with groove or welded nut or threaded rod to make adjustable.

            Piece of cake. Whether or not it's good for your machine, I haven't a clue. But easy it is, indeed.