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Is this Starrett new or old?

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  • Is this Starrett new or old?

    I just got a metric 25mm-50mm micrometer for my birthday from my father-in-law. The unit looks completely unused but I can't tell if he's giving me something he's had for a long time which is unused or he has recently purchase it. The reason why I'm asking is that he hinted that if I already had one, then he will get me something else.

    I would refer to get a 0-25mm micrometer, but if it's something that he's had for a long time, then I'd rather keep it since it would actually mean more to me.

    Here are some more detailed pictures.
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    Don't know if they still make that type or not, but keep it (and cherish the gift) either way. The 1" (or equiv metric) micrometers are much more common and far cheaper that that one, even if you buy retail. But they are so very common that you often find "like new" for a fraction of the new price (ebay, craigs list, local auction, friends, everywhere). "Like new" (or any condition) in larger sizes is only a small fraction of the total value/count of 0-1 size...
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      Hard to tell without seeing it in person, but the Starrett label looks new.

      One easy way to tell with the clamps and such -- the old Starretts have the beautiful rainbow-hued case hardening, and the newer Starrets have black oxide coating.
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        I don't think that applies to micrometers. I've got some very old (but "like new") Starrett micrometers and they are most all polished/satin. Some have the black enameling, which tends to chip, but also none of the nice mottled case hardening. I've seen the on my parallel clamps, height gages, and some other stuff, but never on a micrometer...
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          I cannot read the number on the box, but I believe it is 436. The 436 series is a heavier duty frame, black enameled finish. It has been produced for many years. There have been no major changes that I am aware of. The boxes have changed over the years, and that box appears to be of the current style.
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            Isn't that a date just below the word "toolmakers", lower right corner of the instruction pamphlet?

            Time was when some of these manufacturers put the date on the box. I recently bought, then resold, a B&S 4 pc. combination square set, dated 11/52, that still had the cosmoline on it.

            Keep it and cherish it...that's far nicer than anything any of my fathers-in-law ever gave me.


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              A gift, birthday gift or not, is still a gift. Keep it, appreciate it, cherrish it, use it if it makes your life easier, or just keep it in your toolchest.

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                If it is old will be engraved LS STARRETT, if its new it is engraved STARRETT.
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                  Revision/printing dates

                  There should be a printing or revision date on the instruction pamphlet - either next page to the front (shown) or at the bottom of the back page.


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                    I looked at Starrett site and your pic appears different.

                    Your lock nut is in the middle and their current pic shows it on the end.


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                      New Starretts do not have the raised place for the name and size,they use stick on labels!