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Jib Crane bearing ideas?

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  • Jib Crane bearing ideas?

    Hi All, I have the addittion pretty well dried in now and can stsrt on some of the other items to help make it a more user friendly space. I think next, I need to get the jib crane going to help in moving equiptment around. I know it would have been easier to do before I installed the post, but I wanted to beat the weather, which I did. So here is the $64 question, what are all your thoughts on bearings, bearing materials and or mounting ideas for this adventure? I have tossed around the thought of split flanges and plastic sleeves. Or a couple of pin type rollers on the arm to ride against the post, like wrist pins. Either way, I need a flange on the post to hold it all up. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks in advance, for feedback and ridicule. Jay
    "Just build it and be done"

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    Well besides the often quoted wheel bearing and hub, I'd like to add that a disc brake rotor, and caliper will make a nice brake to keep the damn thing where you want it. Just hook up to your air compressor with some kind of valve.



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      Jay refresh my memory of how long the jib arm will be and what the col. dia is so I can do a better job of ridicule , LOL and feed back.



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        Jib crane bearings

        At work we have both factory built jib cranes and in house engineered and built cranes. Mostly 1 and 2 ton rated. Factory built all use some kind of pin/ bolt and bent rider(?) looks like half inch thick by about 4 inch wide. Cranes we built are based on using 8" thick wall pipe with 6" solid shafting welded on the top and then crane mount bearings are 1" round stock between the solid piece and another piece of heavy wall pipe which I think is 10" id. 2 of those bearings spaced about 2 foot apart and beams mounted to that section. Those were set in about 3 foot of concrete and tied to the building super structure also. I know a guy who built his own in shop with maybe 12 or 14" pipe. He has the beam going across the top in a "T" shape with a long collar riding on the pipe for bearing. just 2 pieces of pipe. One inside the other and greased regularly. On the opposite end of which ever he is using to lift with he hangs weights to balance it.



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          Here are a couple of pictures of what I have for the post. The shop is dried in now, roof on, walls up and I want the crane to help in moving machinery.

          and another;

          one more;

          The post is 6" ID and 6.75" OD. It has a pad poured around the bottom that is 48" sqaure and 24" deep with the 6" slab sitting on top of that. It is all tied together with rebar. I want to put an 8' arm on the post, 10' off the ground with a tie back going to the post just under the ridge beams, which are 14' off the ground. I know that it is easier to accomplish this before construction, but as I stated earlier time was of the escence. So, should I go with a steel collar and keep it lubed or can anyone think of a bearing / bushing arrangement that can be used? I do like the idea of a brake, I will definetly give this some thought. Thanks for the comments and thoughts, Jay
          "Just build it and be done"


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            If you have looked at the bearings on a jib crane I think you could understand how to build one. I have never used or even been around one. I have looked at a disassembled jib crane, not closely. I looked for a picture, but I haven't found one.

            I wish I could help more.