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Atlas Lathe Cross-slide replacement part

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  • Atlas Lathe Cross-slide replacement part

    Hello All,
    I was wondering if anyone knows a good place to purchase parts for an Atlas Lathe? I need the upper (secondary, one that holds the tool post) cross slide casting.

    Thanks in advance for your input.

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    You want the Clausing Service Center, 811 Eisenhower Dr. S., Goshen, IN 46526-5350. Phone 219.533.0371. The part you need is #9-303, about $80 or so (for the 10" lathe).
    You need to give them your model no. and serial no.

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      You can usually find someone that is "parting out" an Atlas on Ebay. I see them all the time. Problem is, finding the correct model. I have seen one guy that sells many Atlas parts, so, I get the impression that he does it for a living. Might try that if you don't mind used parts.



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        Another option is to find Metal Lathe Accessories, they're on the web and advertise in HSM and MS, I've bought a number of items and they are top quality. Andy Loftquist sells raw castings in kits including cross slides, milling attachments and face plates. The iron is poured by comercial mass production, so it's consistent and clean, the plans have a very good narrative and specifically designed around a shop with only a lathe to work with. I've spent several hundred bucks on stuff from him over the years and never yet been disappointed. I currently have an Atlas style cross-slide from him with an atlas ten inch compound mounted on my ten inch Logan lathe. E-bay always has parts for an atlas, and the price will vary. I see them go for twenty or so complete. The model isn't very important other than trying to match the turning capacity of the lathe as in a ten inch top slide for a six inch lathe would probably be hard to work with, but not impossible. If you want things to your own standards, make them yourself.