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  • Who does what for a living

    Reading an earlier post some one mention the experts on this board.
    So here goes .What is your expertise are what do you make a living doing.
    Me I am a Machinist and Half a$$ tool maker Plus machinery mechanic.and some times a draftsman. Who is going to be next.
    Every Mans Work Is A Portrait of Him Self

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    I'm a has been at about everything. Wondering what I'll be a has been from next.



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      Me ?
      All I seem to do these days are bloody electric motors.

      This was one day last week when I was trying to get ready for the show.

      The 10 small rotors [ 1 hp ]are brand new and need to be taken down a frame size, so 19mm goes down to 14mm and anew keyway milled in.
      The 5 larger ones [ 3 hp ] are the same 28mm down to 24mm.
      The 1 HP covers need the flange altering and the mounting holes slotting.

      The largish rotor behind the blue box needs a journal doing and the long shaft rotor is another Bridgeport with the keyway wrecked.

      The complete motor isn't a job, it's a spare off the Myford.

      Today I have done another 25 small rotors and 7 large ones pluse a few other jobs.

      Tomorrow I have a 15 Hp rotor to do a 50mm journal on and another Bridgeport with keyway messed up.

      Need to get a spare hour to fit the new DRO on the TOS lathe I bought earlier at the show if I don't get another shed load of motors............................


      Sir John , Earl of Bligeport & Sudspumpwater. MBE [ Motor Bike Engineer ] Nottingham England.


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        My last full-time job was an engineering position with Lockheed at a base where sub-launched missiles were assembled and loaded on the boats. After I quit that in 1992 (at age 46), I've been pretty much a bum.

        For a while, I built giant-scale model power planes and sailplanes. I was also making the winches and accessories for launching the sailplanes, which I still do on a limited basis.

        I did have some part-time jobs at the airport in exchange for flight instruction, airplane rental, and service on my own airplane.

        I also did some travelling with a fellow who had a mobile hobby shop for model airplane stuff. We'd take our planes and a bunch of stuff to sell in his van and trailer, and we'd go to fly-ins and swap-shops all over the place.

        I'm a big fan of early retirement. I've had a pile of fun.

        Any products mentioned in my posts have been endorsed by their manufacturer.


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          Rapid prototyping, mechincal engineer. US Army.


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            Professional Student


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              I'm retired but in my spare time I correct Steven Hawking's arithmetic, administer sex therapy for troubled Hollywood starlets, hunt bear with a switch, disarm bombs, and restore priceless art treasures. Mine is an uneventful life.
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                Uh, not to mess up the thread but Lane check your PM. 250 seems like a bit much for that iron.


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                  Currently working as a manufacturing engineer, about 15 years total so far. Trained as a gunsmith, worked fulltime at that for a year, then part time for several more. About 8-9 years as a press brake operator, some production welding, various other jobs before going back to school to get a degree.
                  North Central Arkansas


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                    50 something and still in construction contracts (formation, administration, claims handling and the like). Trying to learn enough of this machining to be able make stuff as hobby. It has already proven profitable in repairing my own tools, lawnmower, etc.

                    "When it comes to paradigms ... shifts happen" - Alain Rossman


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                      Electrical Engineer (microprocessor designer), recently trying my hand at building GPU's (graphics processing units ).

                      This is one I worked on:

                      "Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did."


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                        I build and or repair plastic injection molds (26 years now). Do some side machining for fun and vacation money and to support my own bad habit of wanting tools. I also do some mold design on the side when its available and not sent to China.


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                          I geek for science.

                          Biologist in general and Zebrafish in specific
                          Tom C
                          ... nice weather eh?


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                            Retired electronics engineer (circuit design spaning vacuum tubes to
                            LSI ) but for ten years getting better and better making "toys" on
                            a mill and lathe. :-)


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                              Originally posted by lazlo
                              Electrical Engineer (microprocessor designer), recently trying my hand at building GPU's (graphics processing units ).

                              This is one I worked on:

                              Looks like a patch work quilt . Pretty though nice and bright.
                              Every Mans Work Is A Portrait of Him Self