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question about wiring phase converter

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  • question about wiring phase converter

    I have a 15 horse rotary phase converter that says to wire for 60 amps. My question is I have 220 single going in and 3 phase going out, so what size of wires do I need going out would 8 gauge work or should I go heavier? I am using 4 gage going in, because I already had it.

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    The wire size going in has to support the load of the RPC and the motors it will drive. The wires coming out supports each motor it is wired to. If you only run one motor at a time then it's the current draw of the RPC + the machine motor. If you intend to run several motors at the same time then you need to consider the current draw of each motor totals + the RPC draw.

    If the machines have a fused system then your good. If not then I suggest you have a fused disconnect at each motor to protect it.

    If you come out of the RPC disconnect box to a junction box then the wires to the junction box has to support the total load expected and from the junction box to each motor needs to be of the size to support that motor only.
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      So you are fine with the #4 in, and the outs will be based solely
      on the motor you are driving.
      # 12 should handle 5 Hp 3-phase 220 V
      # 10 should handle 8 HP
      # 8 should handle 10 HP


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        That's what I thought, but my 3 phase knowledge is very limited. I did finally come to my senses and googled it! But it is reassuring to hear it from someone. I don't want to burn down my shop! I am trying to get all my wiring in so I can blow in my insulation before winter hits! Thanks for the replies!