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LFA chucks are pretty darn good...

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  • LFA chucks are pretty darn good...

    Ho Boy...I pulled a boner today. Got a good paying "rush" job from the airport security people. Had to make them a bunch of special size lock a HURRY! They where changing all the locks but at the last minute the locksmith noticed that the lockplates where wrong and none were to be had.
    Anyway.. I'm rushin around trying to make a silk purse out of a pigs ear...
    Got a pile of plates cut...found some random ones... needed to square them up in the mill. Hmmm...there's already a 1/2" Niagra em in it...pile the plates in the vise...push the snot out of the mill...flip them around and trim to length. Some of the random ones were pretty long and needed about 1/4" trimmed off.
    Too bad...just bury the cutter and go... 1/8" plates...stacked 6 high, push them as hard as it'll go.
    Took about an hour to get everything trimmed up etc.
    OK...time to mill the stack for width...
    I need my 2" indexable endmill for this job...get it out of the drawer and loosen the drawbar and pull out the end mill and the DRILL CHUCK!
    %@*^$&@... I was in such a rush and pretty bagged from too many hours... I forgot..I'd put that 1/2" em in the drill chuck to make a couple of small notches in the side of a 1/8" alu plate.
    Never even thought about it...just go..
    I still can't believe that em never slipped or chattered. A DRILL CHUCK.....
    I'd like to say I won't do that again..but I'm not that stupid
    I have tools I don't even know I own...

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    Russ. I hope it was not your good keyless chuck, You will want to keep it set aside for your larger fly cutters .