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  • Horizontal cutter score!

    I posted a day or two ago about needing a favor from someone in the Milwaukee area, and as it turned out, the guy who told me about the deal went and picked it up for me. (Thank you to the others that replied, though.)

    It was Craigslist ad for some horizontal mill cutters, come get the whole heap, $250. There were over a hundred visible and countable in the ad photos alone, so I figured it'd be a pretty good deal, even with shipping involved- taking advantage of the Post Office Flat Rate boxes, of course.

    Well, my new best buddy went over and bought them for me, and has spent the past day or so wrapping all eight-hundred-plus for shipping.

    These bins hold five hundred and thirty...

    ... Plus the NMTB shell-mill holder. Then he figures there's still another three-hundred-plus yet to be wrapped:

    There's inside and outside radius cutters, gear tooth cutters, slitting saws, slotting saws, carbide-faced cutters... roughly a third of them are still coated in wax...

    I don't see any nice, wide slab mills yet, but I'm not gonna complain.

    Once I have them in my hot little hands, I'll probably be spreading the wealth a little bit, as I'm sure there'll be many duplicates, and I can't possibly use all eight hundred cutters.

    Doc's Machine. (Probably not what you expect.)

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    Boy O Boy that was a deal and a half. 25 are 30 would be enough for most folks. That is pure D tool gloat.
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      NICE SCORE!!!

      hope youre friend doesnt make you replace the hardwood for him after...


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        Looks like a ton of side/periphery mills and some angle or form relieved cutters, Just what is in there?


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          Doc: there is NO possible way that you can use all those cutters or maybe some of them just won't fit your machine!! If you decide to spread the wealth...let me know I'd be glad to offer FMV to relieve some of your burden


          I'm jealous, great find.
          I bury my work


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            Originally posted by Dragons_fire
            hope youre friend doesnt make you replace the hardwood for him after...
            No, but his wife will

            Nice score Doc !


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              Wow! Nice score.

              I don't even have a horizontal mill but those still look awfully tempting. I'd have a hard time keeping them from sticking to my fingers if I was wrapping them Just kidding!


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                I'm also interested in a few of the potential duplicates.

                What a great score



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                  Doc,I am impressed,that is first class tool haulage!
                  I just need one more tool,just one!


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                    I'm glad that worked out and that you didn't need the help I offered!

                    That Craigslist add has been running every other day for weeks. I emailed him back in September to ask what sizes he had and his reply was "come look". It wasn't convenient to get there during the day so I never did it. When you get them sorted, I'd be interested in 1" hole cutters if you have any to get rid of.



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                      If I had to hazard a guess, I would say that ad ran for at least the whole summer. Just shows how spoiled we are here in the upper rust belt


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                        Wow, what a haul, looks like just about every imaginable cutter. I too am interested if you have any surplus.

                        My KT will enjoy using your cutters to make big blocks for steel into chips.

                        Just remember to save a few cutters for Dulie's Dad.



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                          yeah, those are great type deals!

                          I got 200+ a few years ago, for , as I recall, $50. Lots that I could use, still have plenty that are too big for me, including some slab mills, matched interlocking cutters, etc..

                          They are a drug on the market, I couldn't sell more than a half dozen over on PM even...... and those were specialty roller chain cutters etc. I suspect the weight puts off purchasers..... shipping cost. Only a few would fit in a flat rate box, so the shipping was as much as the cutters. Several folks dropped out based on that.

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                            Holy Smoke Doc!!! Wow! I am jealous!
                            LOL! I'd go on that list for some big cutters for when I breath life into the VN!
                            I have tools I don't even know I own...


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                              Nice pile of cutters doc!

                              What's the minimum spindle speed of your mill? That'll probably determine the maximum cutter diameter that you can use.

                              With that many cutters, it doesn't seem worth the trouble of getting a T&C grinder - just chuck them in a corner when they get blunt!

                              All of the gear, no idea...