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  • Multimachine

    If it was already mentioned here, I apologize. But I found it interesting:


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    That was a great post Prokop - very much appreciated.

    I only had a scan through it and was most impressed.

    I have seen those multi-machines on several occasions but NEVER with that amount of and attention to detail.

    Some of those innovations are simply brilliant.


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      amazing to say the least !


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        That is my dad's project. If you like projects like this, join the Yahoo group. There have been a couple of modifications that are not reflected in the original design that are worth learning about, plus it is just an interesting list with about 5000 members from around the world - I think that they now have members on every continent including Antarctica. And by the way, the machine actually works amazingly well, especially as a big swing lathe (surfacing big flywheels) and horizontal mill. The original intent was to design a versatile machine that would be cheap and buildable in a third world country, but with the way our economy is going, you might see more over here.


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          This has been mentioned here and discussed at some length, but some time ago. G.A. Ewen wrote an article describing his build that was published in the Feb/Mar 2002 issue of our sponsoring magazine.

          A search for engine block machine or multimachine should get a few hits on this site.

          From what I've read, it doesn't result in a Monarch, Hardinge, or Bridgeport class machine, but still is a versatile machine that would be both interesting and challenging to build and use.

          My $.02 (cdn)
          Design to 0.0001", measure to 1/32", cut with an axe, grind to fit