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    Again, Sandaro brand "Top Cote" spray. Sure you cant spray a light coat of lube (like WD 40) on it? Brake cleaner will clean it off in a second. Some guys here recommend camphor, never tried it. If you don't want it to rust, coat it with something. If I can't paint, oil, wax, or blue it, I Top Cote it. My drill rod is stored in a cardboard box hosed with WD 40 on the inside. Works fine for me.
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      I also use Top Coat for various rust prevention. Works like magic.
      Paul G.


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        Our school went to white boards about ten years back, so I have to buy my own chalk.

        Yes, I do occassionally swipe my kids sidewalk chalk pieces that "get too small'.

        Black diamond files are good, I have four in my shop. Seem to have a coating - black - like the drill bits.

        For long storage, I advise against saran wrap, tends to trap moisture and condensation. I have the habit of taking brown paper towel, spraying the towel with WD 40, does not have to be heavy, but not too light either, then wrapping items. The sprayed paper acts like that "oiled paper" you get mics and such in. AND very little residue on the items. WD is "Water Displacement".

        Speaking of WD 40, tried something for fun late this school year. Had a bunch of water on the CNC mill table after using it to flush toe coolant system - only access for water fill is by holes in the table. Flushed, still a bit of standing water in the "T-slots". Sprayed WD 40 in the slots, and the water just ran crazy right to the holes, and was totally displaced. Did the same in the coolant tank, and was able to completely clear the tank of free water, as well as keeping a very light coat in the tank over the summer.

        I never leave coolant in machines for summer if it can be prevented, smells like heck on first start.
        CCBW, MAH