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OT SS 1936 Ford Coupe

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  • OT SS 1936 Ford Coupe

    This is the 1936 Ford Coupe built for and owned by Allegheny Ludlum Steel. t was attending our open house and then was featured in a local parade with over 100 of our salaried, hourly and retired employees walking alongside. This is 1 of only 4 in existence and is the only one currently in running and in roadworthy condition. The car is in exceptional condition, with the interior and even the frame looking great. All 4 cars each had over 200,000 miles on them before they removed them from service. These cars were built for Allegheny as promotional and marketing projects. The top salesmen each year were given the honor of being able to drive them for one year. The v-8 engine (max 85 hp) ran like a sewing machine and was surprisingly smooth and quite. FYI, the car was insured (we were told) for the trip to Louisville via covered trailer for 1.5 million dollars. We were also told that the dies were ruined by stamping the stainless car parts, making these the last of these cars ever produced. More information of the history on these and other Stainless Steel automobiles can be found at Allegheny Ludlum's website

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      Wow. Not to beat you up on the photos, but I bet they dont do it justice. That is a neat project for a company to take on. Do you know how long it took to create?

      Civil engineers build targets, Mechanical engineers build weapons.


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        Great Photos

        My father-in-law has told about these cars - saw them when he was younger.

        As far as the question as to how long it took to make them - They were built by Ford using the original dies back when they were still building these cars - thay are not a modern reproduction. They have been around for a long time. Not often seen though.

        Alleghany-Ludlum has a large plant in Dunkirk NY that produced lots of stainless steel - Changed its name to Altech a number of years ago. hey also produced a lot of titanium in the late 50's. Later they figured out it was for building the SR-71 Blackbird (and a lot of other Airforce hardware...) I have a nice 1/2 inch wrecking bar from those days - lots of interresting things were produced locally (goverment work so to speak..) in those days.


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          I believe that's a two door sedan. I would like to say it's a Vicky, because of the top. But that little trunk bulge is from the sedan?


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            yes it is a 2 door sedan i saw it at a car show many years ago.


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              The 2 Dr. came in two models, the style shown and a "slant back" which had no hump. The "trunk" was accessable by swinging back the rear seat . That was the our early family car ( a steel model) and my mother made good use of that compartment, bringing illegal fruit over from Washington state, on our occasional US visits. Very few people realized that that model had a trunk.

              Like this one: