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O.T. Guarantee'd to warm up even the coldest of hearts...

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  • O.T. Guarantee'd to warm up even the coldest of hearts...

    I havent done any machining but I havent been a complete slacker as I do have something to show for my lost time,
    I had to come up with a nice place to put my wood stove that I re-conditioned ---

    First thing was to chip away all the plaster that was covering my chimney in the "dead zone" (thats what I used to call this room as it really was just kinda a room between all the other rooms)
    I was glad to see the chimney exposed and not all hacked up with past pipe holes in it --- as a matter of fact it was a virgin on this side...

    Next up was building a form for the cement that I was going to build the base from,

    I ended up with about 4 1/2" thickness all around and the 690 lb base also has $50.00 worth of Acryl 60 in it plus re-bar, its going nowhere, acryl 60 is a concrete fortifier that is dynomite...

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    The concrete is colored to match the brick as best as I could --- i also removed the forms very early and made up a slury coat of final coloring and sand/cement/acryl mix and applied by hand with nitril gloves in small circular motions to create a stucco type effect...

    Extra bricks were added around the sides for cosmetics and also to keep the correct clearance ratings for the stove to wall -- even though its a double box stove it still needs some

    The room is no longer the "dead zone", And im not dreading winter as much now, I will allow myself the luxury of warming up once in awhile as i used to keep the house 64 F in the day and 56 at night (brrrrrrrr)


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      Wow, very nice! A timely post. Currently 18 deg. F. where I live. The cat and the dog are vying for choice spots in front of my woodstove.


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        If I understand you correctly in that you "tapped-in" to an existing flue, some places look rather askance at that....... or have special requirements on it.

        It is possible to get backflow of flue gases from a lower source into such a flue, and you sure don't want CO from a lower source backflowing into your room.

        Keep eye on ball.
        Hashim Khan


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          Thanks X39, JT I ran single wall stove pipe all the way up and out the chimney, Even though I used to install heating and ac units its been 25 years so I consulted with the local officials and they said its the way to go, I got great draw even before a fire is lit and its a very sound install --- there is one "funk factor" and its one that I created in the name of funk and also in the name of frugalness, About a year ago I picked up this very solid roof vent cap from a thrift store for 5 bucks (the kind that spins), as luck would have it its a 6" and fit the stove pipe nicely -- it not only keeps the rain out it vents really good esp.when the wind is blowing And I might add has spark defusing capabilities


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            nice job. that really looks great. i can see a big arm old chair, with a foot rest, a loving cat or dog, and a toddy. . . . on a cold winter night.

            talk about a quick faller-a-sleeper area. . .

            whats beneath the base to keep it from disapearing along with the floor ? thats a bunch of weight.

            where do you keep your wood so that the area remains sooooo clean and tidy ?

            thats the problem i have with wood, the mess i make with it. but it smels so great and feel awsome.


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              AND da flash boiler there in the exhaust.. running a quarter hp steam engine in the basement turning a car altenator.. steam, once it lets it's work go, it's heat is released.. no energy lost.. and fresh hot water for coffee..
              (I just looked at Darin's steam posting)

              Yes, it is very beautiful bud.. my wife would vettoe anything I tried to do like I described there..

              Edit: Okay.. I saw your second post there.. ya are ahead of me..
              You did inspect the chimney all the way out? make sure... A old chimney with chinking gone has burned down many homes.
              Excuse me, I farted.


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                Cofer - I went crazy with idea's at first also, I wanted to cut into the stove and mount some sterling engine heads -- then rout the stoves cold air intake to come in around the sterlings other set of condenser heads, then I said to myself, Why dont you keep just one thing stock/non-modified in your life?

                Thanks for the input on the chimney, I have great access to it everywhere and its in great shape plus every section of pipe is screwed 120 degree's apart with all seams mismatched -- its the really thick stuff too.

                DaveH I just got all this together and need to get a nice floor matt for in front, I also cast in that little platform to the left for the stove tools and that should help keep things clean, in the long run the carpet is getting replaced with something more suitable --- I was very concerned about the weight as once you add the extra brick (two deep) and the stove its over 1,000 lbs, as luck would have it its right next to my major vertical beams and my floor boards are old school --- it also is right by a vertical basement wall,
                I still floated the base mass onto the floor though, If you look back at one of those form pictures you can see where I re-applied some plaster to the chimney before pouring the base, this was to keep the acryl fortified base from clinging to the chimney (and it would have with gusto) and creating an uneven side load.

                I had a fire the other night after rewarding myself and sweeling down a six pack, got up to take a leak in the middle of the night and here my two dorgs are sharing a blanket in front of the fire, sharing a blanket -- that hasnt happened since the pig was a pup


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                  Re: Spinner vents

                  Originally posted by A.K. Boomer
                  ... About a year ago I picked up this very solid roof vent cap from a thrift store for 5 bucks (the kind that spins), as luck would have it its a 6" and fit the stove pipe nicely -- it not only keeps the rain out it vents really good esp.when the wind is blowing And I might add has spark defusing capabilities
                  Boomer....Be sure to check the bearings in the turbine to be sure that they are not plastic. A guy I knew did the same thing and after the first good fire it never spun again. His chimney was pretty short though and it was for a fire place that didn't control the air intake. My woodstove chimney is about 16 feet from the stove to the tripple wall going through the roof. I have noticed that the heat has cooled off by the time it is about 8' off the ground so this might not be an issue.

                  Really neat installation!!!
                  Jim (KB4IVH)

                  Only fools abuse their tools.


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                    carpeting around the wood stove?

                    is that carpeting I see? All around the stove at the base of your stove pedestal?
                    Ignorance is curable through education.


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                      Boomer, You did a real nice job on that. I hope my wife doesn't see it as she is ready for me to quite working on my shop addittion and start back on the house. I really like your attention to detail. Did you cut up a chunk of sona tube for your corners? That rounded corner and rolled top edge look real good. Jay
                      "Just build it and be done"


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                        Nice looking cosy room to relax Boomer, That looks just like my old cats type of place, He is your original lounge lizard, on these cold days, Enjoy it you have earned the comfort, after your goodwork.


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                          Nice job!Have you thought about one of those in stack blower units?
                          I just need one more tool,just one!


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                            Hey, that looks GREAT!!! Damm. Its even feeling chilly here now and that would be a good addition. It looks really nice too!!! Good job!! Uhhh??? Im not even showing this to the wife, nuther project. LOL But I will keep it under wraps for my own use for later. Shhh.... JR
                            My old yahoo group. Bridgeport Mill Group



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                              Thanks for the kind reply's -- I worked very hard on this and am still recovering,
                              It totally trashed my entire house with dust and I should have closed off the room with plastic but im a hillbilly when it comes to precautions like that, And to think this is what got it all started

                              This shows better detail of the stove after reconditioning than the in the house pics

                              I am looking for suggestions on what kind of a matt to use in front of the stove, even though it has a 5" plate sticking out under the door and my base extends even further the carpet needs to have something that is preferably fireproof and darker that covers it...

                              WS I could definitely milk some more heat out of it with the magic heat system but it already roasts me out if im not careful and the stove has thermostatically controlled duel blowers that work great -- also the design is not typical as it makes the fire go from the back and run across the top to the front and then exit out the back again to milk extra heat before it lets it go, Also - all heat is not totally lost, the chimney is capped at the top with the pipe running all the way through it and this means that much of the extra heat goes to warming the chimney -- the chimney is centrally located (kitchen on the other side) so part of this heat is conserved.

                              Tiptop those are indeed 90 degree's of a sona tube , what you cant see in the pics is I took the time to take one layer of plywood off for 1/2" --- it was the perfect depth and the same thickness of the sona tube, the sona tube was then fit into this area and screwed to the remaining layers of plywood --- Even though I knew I was going to apply a slurry coat after It gave me a near seamless finish to do it too...