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    When a customer tells you that it doesn't matter what kind of steel you make his part out of ---- it matters! And when you make it from the wrong material it will be your fault.

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    If you have that kind of request from someone you don't know don't take the job. You could be held liable if something happens with that piece.

    One the other hand if you have a working relationship with the person and know what the part will be used for there is less chance of problems. When I had my shop I was never given a print by my biggest customer but he would let me know what it was being used for and I would select the material. I am an engineer so that helped some. When someone came in wanting me to make something that was described in a round about way and no specs I would suggest that they take the job elsewhere and to at least make a sketch of what they wanted. Arm waving and verbal instruction don't get it with people you don't know.



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      What i normally do is to include all the things i wanted to change or to add on the print and then have the customer sign it verifing all the changes. This would get you off the hook in most cases.

      It is almost impossible to do all the design right with only part of the information.


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        I double as a materials expert at work,most of the time it goes something like this-"whats this used for?pump shaft,okay what kind of pump?water,okay will it be salt or clorinated?yes,316 is your first bet but will you be running a packing gland or a mechanical seal?packing gland,them you want a nitronic stainless,a bit more pricey but worth it for wear resistance,okay how much?this the print?yes,$1500.00 and two weeks,OMG!!!!

        The moral of the story is I try to build them the best part I can because I don't like failures anymore than my customers do,but sometimes they just don't get it.

        I have had some insist on a certain alloy,have tried to persuade them otherwise but in the end gave them what they wanted or showed them the door,I have earned the absolute trust of a few that tried it their way and burned money like Sherman through Georgia,they say things like"gee if I had listed I would have saved a bundle,you got my business from now on"just makes me feel all fuzzy inside
        I just need one more tool,just one!


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          I feels yer pain, brother. One almost needs to have the "Amazing Kreskin" on hand to read the silly buggers minds. Of course as I get older and more cynical I don't take chances and press for answers despite their protests of "it don't matter".


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            I am a machinist not a mind reader so that makes me pretty dumb. I won't make a thing without a picture.