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Spindle oil vs. way oil

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  • Spindle oil vs. way oil

    What is the basic differences, if any, between "Way oil" and "Spindle oil"?

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    Way oil is thick and stickey and made for high pressure and spindle oil is thinner and made for high speed and temps.

    Add to that a jillion different additives and viscosities and you get the picture.

    I get into a lot of foreign equipment and you should see some of the specs,never anything in real terms just brand names you never heard of, we have a Dake hyd. press at work that was built back about 1940,I was able to get the seals and packing kit from Dake,but forgot to ask the service guy what oil,I looked at the machine and the spec plate said to use Gargoile #7?WTF? Called back Dake,service guy says Oh just dump some R&O in it!
    I just need one more tool,just one!


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      O.K. Thanks!! You have probably kept me from screwing up the spindle on my 1943 Logan Lathe.


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        What is R&O?

        'Gargoyle' is a common name on older Machine Tool lubrication plates. My drill press lists Gargoyle ("A Socony-Vacuum Product"), eg Gargoyle Vactra Oil Extra Heavy. I think this became Mobil, they seem to use the same 'Vactra' terminology anyway.

        Over the years I have never had any trouble getting the correct oil for my older machines (eg 1940's). Phone up your favorite oil companies Tech-line and quote your old oil types, or even the machine name. Local oil companies here have listings going way back giving cross-references to modern oils.

        Both way oil and spindle oil come in a range of viscosities, so it is not necessarily true that one is thinner or thicker than the other. Way oils will usually have that stiction additive - if you wipe your finger through some and lift, it will stick and form a string.


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          Peter S:
          R&O Gear and Bearing Lubes

          (Rust & Oxidation)

          These oil are specially formuated to give extreme pressure service in industrial gear boxes where yellow metal is commonly used for worm wheels, bearing cages, Bronze bushings, and synchros. Normal EP additives cause sulphation in the prescence of yellow metal which in turn causes acid formation in the gear box. A good synthetic reduces the possiblity of any TAN (Total Acid Number) increase in the gearbox through superior additive packages over what is used in the considerably cheaper "Dinosaur Puke". Synthetics are the best first choice also because the base stock is a single chemical and cannot break down in viscosity from high heat.


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            Damn Thrud! Is there anything that you don't have knowledge of? Like how to cook palatable meatloaf? Seriously, you constantly impress me with your wealth of knowledge.

            John B
            John B


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              Actually,here R&O is a cheap brand of hydraulic oil with anti-foaming additives-its $12.00 for five gallons including a nifty plastic bucket
              I do own a uss (universal sabolt seconds)handbook,but I never use it,most things you see in industry use common lube,with the exception of compressors.
              I just need one more tool,just one!


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                Al Messer, not sure what Logan you have, but my 1943 10" Logan doesn't use spindle oil. The headstock bearings are packed with greas at the factory and sealed. Perhaps you have a larger model than mine.


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                  Way Oil is formulated to eliminate "stick slip". A condition that requires a large force to start moving an object , then much less energy to continue.
                  You Do Not want that in a machine tool !
                  You see it sometimes when you want to remove another .001 when feeding the carrage towards the chuck and the carriage seems to "jump"...right past what you want.
                  It is very tough to remove theis oil with a heavy load. Way oil also has NO sulfur...Sulfur results in the ways taking on that familiar stained color !

                  (Sulfur,a good oil additive is used in some cheaper oils as it prevents galling)

                  Spindle oil is thin, but most important...has NO waxes in it.
                  wax causes buildup of residue (AKA crud) and blocks oiling holes...a No-No for ball bearings especially.
                  A good "turbine oil" or "Hydralic oil" can sufice here


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                    Hey Pyromedic! My No. 1 Son is also a Firemedic--in Dothan, Ala. Dept.

                    My lathe is a 1943 Montgomery Ward Powr Kraft 10 x 22 flat belt drive made by Logan and "yes" the spindle bearings are life-time lubricated New Departures.

                    On the middle spindle pulley, there is a hole with a threaded stopper that is stamped "Oil". I was wondering what is the correct kind of oil to use in it.

                    Got any wild pigs/feral swine in your part of Florida?