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    [QUOTE=loose nut]Quote:
    Originally Posted by lazlo

    Looks good, but it says that Inventor LT is a time-limited demo that stops functioning on May 1, 2009?

    "Once activated, Autodesk Inventor LT Technology Preview 2009 will run until May 1, 2009."

    They did that last year too and when it expired the "new" version was available for free downloading.

    Does anyone know how to get this in Europe? The above download is only for AUS & the US.


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      I think there's a script available, ask on the Rhino NG. On is the math plugin which will just generate an involute, but there's a dedicated gear one as well...
      You can also follow my somewhat more involved article here:

      Which will work in any CAD program, but is laborious.

      Originally posted by dp
      Anyone seen a tutorial on drawing involute spur gears in Rhino?
      Largest resource on the web for Taig lathes and milling machines,


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        Originally posted by loose nut
        Originally Posted by lazlo


        Does anyone know how to get this in Europe? The above download is only for AUS & the US.
        There should be a download available from each country or group of countries (not always though) but you might be able to download it through a proxy server in a country that has it available.

        Great program worth looking for.
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          I teach several computer aided design classes at the University of North Dakota and we are currently using AutoCAD 2008. AutoCAD definitely has a learning curve but it does have many advantages and is very quick once you get the hang of it (definitely want to learn to use the command line). If anyone is interested has some great tutorials that proceed in a very natural fashion and I use a lot of the introductory lessons in the beginning of my one hundred level course.