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  • Optical Center Punch

    I just picked up for $40 (Canadian) from Lee Valley Tools an optical center punch that works like the On-Mark unit.

    This thing is Gold Plated Steel, has an 8X optical sight and an A2 Hardened punch all in a snazzy plastic case. There is an o-ring in the base to give it some friction. If you are interested:
    their SKU is #05n59.01 "Veritas Optical Center Punch"

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    Please let us know how well the optical center punch works. I saw it too and also another version (more expensive) in the ENCO catalog. I use a conventional 10X loupe, scribe, prick punch and center punch. It'd be nice to make the process a little quicker and maybe more acurate.



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      I've got the one that MSC sells - around $45-50 as I recall. Seems to work fine.

      Mike near Chicago
      Mike Henry near Chicago


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        Tim, Mike

        I paid forty bucks Canadian (probably $24 US). Since even my bifocals can't always get it dead on and I was way to cheap to fork out $140+ (Canadian) for the On-Mark Optical punch - this thing is great. Very well made even if it looks a little too "fancy pants" for my tastes. The punch is hardened A2 tool steel and has not blown up on me yet. Lee Valley is better than Snap-On when it comes to tool warranty, so you do not have to worry about getting a lemon. Comes in a 3.5"x3.5"x1.25" plastic case.



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          How do you contact Lee Valley Tools?
          I am not familiar with them.
          Jim H.


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            JCH, All,

            Lee Valley tools phone #: 1-800-871-8158 or I've bought numerous tools and hardware from them in the recent past and highly recommend them. And thanks for the info on the optical center punch, Dave.


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              Based on Dave's review, I bought a unit; it came yesterday. Very nice. Yes, it's a bit fancy, but once in a while it's good to have something that looks nice around the shop.
              Price, by the way, was $US 29.50. That doesn't jibe with $C 40, but what can we do?
              Thanx for the tip-off, Dave, much appreciated


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                Looks like a nifty gizmo, sometimes my 10x loupe falls out of my eye. How accurate is it actually.

                Thanks Tim for the link, my Netscape 3.0 wouldn't open it, had to enable cookies with Opera. Then had quite a time, kept saying pages had moved, but I got there.

                I don't like IE. Got the almost latest greatest version, finally almost as good as Netscape 3.0

                And it is shiney. Thrud, I can't believe you didn't mention that.


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                  you know, all that glitters in not always stainless steel - now, thats shiney!

                  Accuracy - better than I could do with out it. Sorry about the error in price, it is made in Canada so they may have had to add freight and bribes to get it across the border (just kidding!).

                  Glad you guys like it, it is a good deal and the older I get the better it works - bifocals suck. I really like it.