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  • Great Oregon Steam In

    Just got back, there was acres of machines, steam, gas, wind, small, large, tractors, trucks, trolly(with tracks), saw mill, machine shop, blacksmith shop, and lots of stuff that runs. if you can ever make it its really worth the trip.



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    Sounds like fun. We have some small meets here in Maine. My buddy has a Case traction engine that he steams.


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      Where are you from? I am from Aloha and am one of the exibitors at thr Great Oregon Steam up.

      We had all the chain saws and drag saw.



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        I came down from Portland, Howdy! I spent alot of time with the gibson tractor"area" didnt get a chance to see everything but I think I saw your exibit, but my head was kinda spinning from the heat. good to know that at least one of the fellows here went. maybe the gibson will be ready for next year. um er maybe the year after..




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          Sam- I made the Steamup again this year, been going every year since I don't remember when.

          My favorite exhibit is Mr Hadley and his massive display of miniture steam engines, he is still churning them out at 90+ years of age, hope I can keep going like he does.

          Due to the heat, I spent about a half a day in the shed that hold those monster gas engines, I like to see them run and besides it was noticeably cooler in there.



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            those massive stationarys made a really neat little song as the pumped away ! I know what ya meen, I went and had a pint afterwards and I started to slur about halfway down, damn that sun was hot!



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              Here in Alberta we have the Reynolds Provincial Museum located 50 miles south of Edmonton in Wetaskiwin. It is jam backed with goodies including a very nice Deusenberg. I used to spend hours with my dad wandering around in the sea of old farm equipment they had there. Well worth seeing if you come this way. If you ask they may even take you in the back to see the restoration work in progress.

              Reynolds was one of the first used tractor parts distributors and they travelled all of North America buying and picking up equipment. Stan got caught up and more than a little out of hand in his collecting - to the benefit of our childrens heritege! Stan also has one of the largest personal collections of black powder arms in the world - unfortunately these can't be seen by anyone unless you know the man personally.