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Need Help Wiring a Jet BDB 1340A

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  • Need Help Wiring a Jet BDB 1340A

    I have a Jet BDB 1340A Lathe, single phase 240v. The wirinf instructions are not very clear. I have 10 guage wired over to the lathe, can use a 25, 30 or 50 amp breaker if need be.

    I don't know where to connect the two "hot" wires and the ground. I have pictures

    Here is the schematic:

    Here is the wiring point in the control head:

    Any help in getting this wired up properly would greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,

    "A Closed Mouth Gathers No Foot"

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    On the blue terminal block, bottom center, what are the wires labeled along the top?


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      This seems to be a proffessionally wired box so I'm assuming no mods

      At the bottom left there is a 6 terminal tag strip.(12 screws) Four positions are apparently used for the motor. The remaining two are probably the mains incomer at 220V. There should be 2 screws unused . Look at the labels on the screws wired above them. That should tell you which is Live and which is neutral. ( L and N)


      Now the disclaimers....
      I am not a certified electrician in either UK or the U.S. or anywhere else and any writing above should not be taken as any indication of competence. All risks, consequences and liability for damage to self and third parties remain with the reader. The reader should check with professional advice and not take any of the words above as advice...


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        I will go out and check the labeling on the control head.


        "A Closed Mouth Gathers No Foot"


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          If you follow the diagram. L & N go from the incoming lines to the switch on the door. They are blue and black wires. From the switch they go to a transformer. Follow the blue and black from the switch to the terminal strip. This is where your incoming black and red hook to. Neutral appears not needed. Ground I think would go on the bare copper buss. See if it has the green with yellow stripe from the motor attached.



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            Here is the simple diagram that I just went out and drew.

            "A Closed Mouth Gathers No Foot"


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              I have the same lathe but I have converted mine to 3 phase now. I did take pics of the old wiring setup just in case I ever needed it. The two hots go to the terminal strip and the ground goes over toward the middle to the copper ground block. I installed a 30 amp receptacle and used a dryer cord to wire my lathe up with. That way I could unplug it easily if I needed to work on it. Hope this helps you out.

              Disclaimer: I am not an electrician but my lathe worked for several years using this setup. Ours look to be the same setup but be sure before installing any wires.

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              Jonathan P.


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                I'm just guessing here, but I agree with japcas:

                the rightmost 4 pairs of the terminals on that block go to the motor (U1,U4,Z1,Z2). That leaves two pairs, which are most likely the ones you want. The best way to find out for sure would be to unhook the wires on the upper terminals, and see where they go.

                Insert 'I'm not an electrician' disclaimer here. Oh, and a finger wag for using unarmoured solid conductor cable in the fashion shown on your photo.

                Edit: Whoops, had ground pointing at a mounting screw. Reload if the image still shows such stupidity
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                  I will have to try this tomorrow, the shop is on minimum heat and it's about 14 out at the moment.

                  But thanks,

                  "A Closed Mouth Gathers No Foot"


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                    So what happened to the pics?
                    I have tools I don't even know I own...