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Car restorations go up in smoke

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  • Car restorations go up in smoke

    3 classic cars, retired machinist's life's work, too bad.

    Appearance is Everything...

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    The Link won't work for me but I tattooed a guy on Thursday who told me about an older guy who's a member of an antique car club he's in, that lost a few cars to a the Boston area so I wonder if it's the same guy.

    That stinks.



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      From what I understand about old car collectors, once the work is done, the appeal goes away. I have an uncle that spent years working on rebuilding an Austin-Healey Sprite. When it was done, he took it out occasionally in the summer, but most of the time it just collected dust. He finally sold it off, and didn't feel to bad about it either. It was time for a new project.

      Just trying to find the silver lining.


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        Originally posted by ZINOM
        The Link won't work for me

        Weymouth classic cars go up in flames
        By Benjamin Bell
        Thursday, December 4, 2008 - Updated 2d 11h ago

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        A two-alarm fire in a Weymouth garage destroyed three rare classic cars yesterday, including a 1929 Buick Roadmaster reportedly used in the Robert Redford movie “The Great Gatsby.”

        “It is a shame that the vehicles were destroyed. I feel bad for the owner,” said Deputy Chief Jonathan Tose of the Weymouth Fire Department. “From what I understand these vehicles were his life.”

        Firefighters responded to the blaze after an apparent explosion in the Buick, which is owned by retired machinist Ray Bean, 89.

        The fire also destroyed a 1964-1/2 Ford Mustang and a 1915 Dodge Phaeton, one of only three to remain in the United States.

        Fire officials said Bean was taken to the hospital as a precaution.
        Apparently happened day before yesterday, just south of Boston. (Old stomping grounds)


        Appearance is Everything...