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Everready hand crank rechargeable flashlight?

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  • Everready hand crank rechargeable flashlight?

    Oops...should have read "Energizer" instead of "EverReady"

    Anyone have one of these Energizer hand crank LED flashlights and, if so, how do they stand up?

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    Mike..I've never owned one but a customer of mine absolutely swears by those. He's an avid sledder and claims to use it a lot.
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      I bought something similar from the local hardware store. It worked OK at first, but the battery died after a couple months. It would only light up while I was turning the crank.

      I returned it to the store for a replacement, but that one died after a couple months, too. The battery is a rather large coin-type with no visible markings. It's soldered directly to the circuit board, so it's not easy to replace.

      Maybe the Energizer is better, or maybe it uses a capacitor for storage instead of a battery.

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        I have one of the wind up torches does not have a battery but stores the power in a capacitor I think. The only thing I dont like is the non white blue light but handy to keep in the car for emergencies.

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          I have one where a minute of cranking gives about 30 mins light. You can switch on a single, or three Leds. Has adaptors etc to charge a cell phone too, never tried that option. I keep it as a last standby.

          Also have an eveready torch which you can plug into mains to recharge (plug is self-contained in torch), still going well after several years. However, when the light starts to go, it goes fast...


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            We bought a Radio Shack radio that has AM-FM & TV audio as well as a small led light. The crank seems to work pretty well on ours. We have it in our storm kit in case the government doesn't get around to getting us flashlights and information when we need it during an emergency !!

            I think most of these are just meant to be used in a pinch and not relyed on as a regular flashlight/torch. If you have no normal flashlight in your car when you need it, these will be better then nothing.
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              I have a no name one that I have used daily for over 3 years now. It also stores the power in a capacitor instead of a battery. I havea 2nd one for emergency home use. I am a firm believer in these things.