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Vets and ex military: motors and elect stuff

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  • Vets and ex military: motors and elect stuff

    I'm cross posting this in several fora.

    For the last several years whenever I needed the occasional motor I couldn't scrounge I've been buying them through the local W W Granger outlet. They have a policy of offering substantial discounts to ex-military, vets, and civilian employees of base activities. Last spring, I bought a motor from the local Granger outlet and got a 40% discount.

    Recently someone asked where he could get a motor explaining he was a disabled vet. I didn't want to say anything without clearing it with Granger at least at a low level. In the week it took for the right person to show, the posting drifted down far enough I can't find it. It's of wider interest than the one post anyway.

    The conclusion the Granger clerk and I came to is if you're a vet or ex military and currently living near a base and you need a motor or something from Granger, it would make sense to ask at the counter if discounts were available and maybe flash your ID. It couldn't hurt and you may save 40% +/- of the catalog price.
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