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    Santa Claus was very kind in supplying me with a drill press and a bench grinder. Which i really needed. I can't use the drill press yet because I need bolts to hold down my vise.

    "A person who works with his hands is a laborer.

    A person who works with his hands and his brain is a craftsman.

    A person who works with his hands, his brain and his heart is an artist"

    —Louis Nizer

    Does anyone actually read siglines?

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    Congratulations, I think a grinder and a hand drill were my first power tools. You can accomplish much with just a few tools. I hope you thoroughly thanked "Santa"!
    Location: North Central Texas


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      I think Santa is spoiling you. Don't mind me - I am just bitter 'cuz I had to buy all my own tools with hard earned money. I had a full time job when I was in grade 9 to pay for my "tool habit".

      Take care of and respect the tools you have been given - a gift of knowledge such as this is generous and always from the heart - after all a drill press is much better than socks!


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        good morning, Dave.

        do you recall your 'first' tools?

        as old and brain damaged as i am, i do.

        i am doing my best to get the kid started 'right', but i have to do it from a distance because i cannot talk his mother into letting him come live with me. also got the budget to consider.

        this is one more reason that i am grateful to everybody here for offering him input and advice and the occasional stern warning about what he is trying to do. it is not only hard to be a long distance father, but also to be a long distance mentor, such as i am.

        perhaps we are making progress with John. he wouldn't 'use' his drill press yesterday because he didn't have any bolts to mount the vise on the table. finally i suggested that maybe a c-clamp or two would work in some cases. apparently he hadn't thought of that yet. i gave hin 5 or 6 c-clamps when he left here to go back to his mother.

        i understand that he has his mother, and some of the neighbors somewhay concerned about this foundry idea. he did get the gingery books that i sent him so maybe old Dave G. will have some more influence than i have so far. i do hope so.

        i like to read your posts. usually end up rotflmao. also appreciate deeply the advice you offer the kid. i also recall being bulletproof, but that memory is fading because it has been a long time.

        i hope you are doing well, happy, etc. eat your meatloaf. and stay in touch. i am at the moment filled with envy because it is gonna be 98 here and heat indices have been around +10. 79% humidity now. like trying to breathe water sometimes.

        i suppose i had best get to shop before it is too hot.

        have a good day and thanks again, both to you and everyone else. i owe you guys.
        ........i dremel. therefore i am..........................


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          Your very welcome. Just keep being a good boy and there may be something useful under your tree this year. (What size bolts do you need????)

          Your Jolly ol' Elf.......S. Claus

          PS....Dave...You "KNOW" why I keep missing you. You keep putting out goodies, but I hate "meatloaf".

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          S. Claus


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            I think i am gonna get my dad something good for christmas. In return. And i plan on doing this with the money i get from my job, corn detasseling, I guess i will just have to find out the next time he will break a 1/8 inch drill bit. LOL

            Can't use the shop today because i am sick and i had to stay home from work. My job is actually pretty easy but a lot of people complain because we work for like 8 hours. I don't really care because 5.15 an hour for a kid my age is pretty decent.
            Does anyone actually read siglines?


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              i think i am gonna mount a dial indicator on the depth stop on my drill press. And if anybody else mentions the idea (billr) it is all mine and i made it up. But i will give him some credit. rotflmao.
              Does anyone actually read siglines?


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                This young man has a whole heap of sense!!!


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                  Dear shed,
                  What a fantastic start! I couldn't even fix my bike at your age, until I had to :-)
                  Check out previous posts on safety for the bench grinder, 'one of the most dangerous tools in the shop' according to someone on the group who has seen one break up. You can download/read a good explanation on the Norton website, Do all this before you ever turn the grinder on, you may get away with stuff as a beginner, and a new machine/grinding wheels, but it'll bite you back sooner or later.
                  A tip from a japanese machinist you'll find useful as your patience and concentration develop "Do not hurry, and keep a coolness"
                  We also have several very skilled machinist-teachers in the group, you will find their posts to be very valuable...
                  Richard in Los Angeles


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                    Dude,I ain't sent your oldman your foundry book yet because I keep finding other machine shop books I don't need anymore,so expect more than one,keep up the good work and work safe lil'brother.
                    I just need one more tool,just one!


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                      I hate to tell you this, but the A/C is fine here (thank you, God). I have a black truck with no A/C and had to drive across town today - I think I got heat stroke from it.

                      As far as the tools I will never forget my first tools. My Grandfather gave me a Starrett scratch gage (they don't make them anymore and someone stole it) when I was eight. My mother bought me a 1/4" drive handle and set of 8 sockets (about $4 then). My first open end wrenches were Proto 1/4"-1-1/2" roll set - cost me $17 (two months of delivering 200 papers a day). Bought my first soldering iron in grade 5, built my first radio from scratch same year from a dead tv and some record players - made a speaker cabnet for it from a TV carton and a 12" driver I bought for $o.25 used my meccano screws to put it together.

                      My Uncle let me read his Aerodynamics texts and from that I built a .19 McCoy powered u-control plane in grade 6 (used razor blades to cut the balsa). After that my mom bought me some hobby knives (xacto - someone stole them too). That was also the year my Dad gave me an English rip saw which I used to buld a tree fort - and saw a 6" slice in my leg (sawhorse? what's a sawhorse?)

                      Had lots of fun. My uncle never did give me that box of blasting caps and a tack hammer though... (he used to call me a "rotten little Bastard" - something to do with my Dad paying me to annoy him and his girlfriend when they were trying to make out)

                      To this day, I still do not have a tack hammer or even a Warrington hammer. Must have been psychologically scarred or something!

                      I do think Shed would be safer to concentrate on the basics and work his way up to foundry work. There is so much that can be done with just a lousy file and a vise to sweat the big stuff right off. I would think a good founding in the use of what hise has now and acquires as he goes will keep him very busy. After he has his own lathe and mill then he can worry about casting. Lots of steps from that Drill (learning to regrind drill bits properly is a great project and a real challenge) press to being able to effectively use a mill and lathe. SO much to learn, but it sure looks like you are getting him off to a good start. The foundry work is problematic by thinking at this point and he should work on the other stuff first and get a good foundation going.

                      Perhaps an incentive is in order - email me at [email protected] to discuss it.


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                        check your email.
                        ........i dremel. therefore i am..........................