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    Just thought I'd pass along another story about tool safety.My roofing subcontractors were sharing tales of construction worker blood and gore at break time the other day.It was the usual stuff----fingers lopped off with the chop saw,a nail gun nail in the shin bone,a chain saw kick back worth about 40 stitches.But,the story that really got our attention came from my buddy Matt.He was headed up the ladder with too much to carry.Decided to stick the 19.2 V cordless drill in pants for the trip up.Trigger activates-----chuck grabs boxers and contents and does'nt stall untill the advertised 470 in lb of torque is reached.End result?Lots-o-blood,a sudden ability to sing soprano,and a lifetime of ribbing from his co-workers----but no perminent damage.So,be carefull;what seems like a benign,harmless tool could get you in the end----or elsewhere.

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    Ouch! That is hard on the 'ol tool!


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      That gives new meaning to the term wind-up toy. Ouch.
      I seldom do anything within the scope of logical reason and calculated cost/benefit, etc- I'm following my passion-