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    Anyone going to the Iron Fever Show? Somehow in winter when they have the Cabin Fever version, I can never get away, but this one is at the end of my vacation... I feel a road trip coming on!

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    Yes, we will be there as usual. The January show is always amazing, and I expect no different from the summer show! The amount of talent inside that building will blow you away! Not to mention the ongoing seminars, and the auction on Friday! Gary & Jared Schoenly, that put on the show, are constantly thinking of new ideas for it, and every year it gets better. If you have the chance to make it, you should really try! Hey, we come all the way British Columbia for it! Hope to see you there!

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      I should be there if every thing goes according to plan. I'm hoping to have another great time. I've finally finished my 2 small marine steam engines. These were supposed to be finished for the last show in Jan. "The best laid plans of mice and men...blah, blah..."