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  • New lathe ?

    I'm looking for a new used lathe and not finding much. I've heard good things about Grizzly and saw this lathe. Now I know that this has been argued before but this seems like it may be a good amount of machine for the money. So now I bring it to the experts to tell me what you think! Also has any one used one?

    Thanks Bob

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    Generic lathe/mill questions: In my opinion, one of the more important pieces of information when selecting a particular machine, is how often it will be used. Every few weeks, daily, all day 5 days a week?
    Also, how much will you demand out of your lathe, what will you be using it for? Do you need very high precision or the ability to take very heavy cuts for production, etc.?
    I have never used this lathe, but I have used one fairly similar without problems. It is probably fine for anything except constant use.
    Location: North Central Texas


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      I hate gap beds, and that is one.

      But, aside from the 'high precision" hype and the 105 rpm minumum speed, it appears to be a good machine spec-wise.

      Before I laid out that kinda cash I would want a test drive...............

      I have heard that the stands are not worth diddly, that you are better off welding one up.


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        I studied all the ads and debated for over three years as to which lathe to buy. Read all the comments on this and other boards also.

        I have a Grizzly mill-drill at work. It's definitely noit the best but I find it to be very serviceable for what I do. Their 3 in 1 sheet metal machine is also usable for occasional, light work. So I suspect that their lathes are also quite usable.

        For my lathe purchase, a lot of things about the imports worried me and I did find that I wanted more. I finally started bidding on used South Bend and other American made lathes on E-Bay. I looked for machines that were within a weekend drive so I could avoid shipping costs. I bid low using a snipe service and lost a dozen or more auctions. But I finally got a South Bend 9" that was in very good condition. It had 3 and 4 jaw chucks, several tool holders, an assortment of other tools and a welded steel table with it.

        With tumbler reverse, much lower spindle speeds, English leadscrew and spindle threads, and readily available parts and accessories on the internet I am very happy with this purchase. And, it is about 60+ years old and worth more than 800% of it's original purchase price. I suspect that it will only continue to increase in value. It's probably a better investment than my 401K.
        Paul A.
        SE Texas

        Make it fit.
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          Buy it. It's a good deal and I'm leaving out the word's "for the money". Mine is 3 years old and no complaints. The stand isn't so bad either. As far as finding a good used lathe that doesn't weigh in at 4 tons forget it. The features on this machine are right up to and so are the controls. My only problem in three years was the steady. The screws all striped. In less than half an hour I had them re threaded and not a problem since.


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            The "Z" series is supposed to be much better than most. (but at such a premium price!)
            Probably won't be a "perfect machine", but, you will most likely be happy with it.
            I opted for a Kent 14x30, at nearly half the price and couldn't be happier with the quality.
            That first tiny little paint scratch still breaks my heart.

            Tom M.