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Another US company gets an A+

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  • Another US company gets an A+

    I have a bad habit of letting old guages follow me home. I am no watchmaker, but I enjoy figuring out what's wrong and often a good cleaning is all it takes to make things work--especially for instruments used in a flood coolant environment. I found an old DTI used recently. It's a Tumico and the original felt-lined box looked pretty old but in excellent shape. It was missing the bezel and the tail stem was broken off, but it looked like both may have happened when it was nearly new as the indicator looked otherwise new--but very old by appearance. I was able to flush out old lubricant and make it work smoothly, but I figured finding a crystal was going to be a chore since it has a HUGE (by DTI standards) face. The outside bezel ring measures 2".

    The indicator reads only "Tumico"...a reference to the company now known as Scherr-Tumico. I looked up their current web site and was pleased to find that they are based out of Minnesota. A phone call and a hop or two from one person to another got me someone in repairs who did a lot of looking. He found what he thought was the right diagram and parts list, but the crystal referenced was too small. After a bit of poking around, he found an old indicator of the same type with a servicable crystal and offered to send the whole thing to me for a pittance.

    That's service you don't find much any more and I just wanted to pass on a good review for another US company that's a bit more obscure than some others. Apparently they started out in the 1940's and their first product was a tubular frame micrometer (thus the Tumico name). They now make other precision tools and optical comparitors under the Scherr-Tumico name that we are familiar with today.

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  • #2 sells Sherr Tumico micrometers stamped
    made in USA for $20-30. ?NOS, whatever, they are nicely done.


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      Thanks for that, I've bookmarked the site. I have a 1 1/2" to 12 1/2" inside micrometer I bought in the 50s and love it. Peter
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        They are co-operative and "Minnesota nice" (Franken and Coleman notwithstanding).

        But I have an old interchangeable anvil Tumico mic... It is an almost unadjustable POS, and was made no better than a "General" product is now.

        OTOH, I have a nice 1" multiturn dial indicator with a "counter" pointer that works well.

        So they are a mixed bag of features......... From my experience I wouldn't go out of my way to pick up any Tumico stuff, if there was any Mitutoyo stuff laying around, or even Starrett.

        Long Island Indicator Repair calls their stuff "on the cheap side, and it often shows.".
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          I got a Tumico depth mic I like,it's as good as anything I have owned.

          I think their 1" student mic shows up in a lot of places under many different labels.I have a Tumico,Craftsman and a NAPA all identical.
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            The only S-T product I've got is a precision level, that I bought in 1983. It has served me well over the years.