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5C clutch collet question

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  • 5C clutch collet question

    I am needing to machine hubs for my Gatling Gun wheels they are 3.750 in diameter and 1.5 to 1.705 in lenght. I picked up a 5 inch clutch collet with the idea to bore it to fit the outside diameter of the hubs.
    My question, having used emergency 5C collets they had a pin to hold the bore diameter but the clutch collet does not have these pins. What is the best way to set up to bore the 3.750 diameter and still be able to tighten up to collet to hold the work.

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    You can use shim stock that fits in the slots in the place of the pins. I do that on e-collets too just to avoid having a interrupted cut.
    Stuart de Haro


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      Without the pins do as hornluv suggets and use shim stock in the slots to allow for holding the collet steady and eliminating interupted cuts. IMO the Hardinge solution is far better in that while requiring the use of a closing ring along with the step collet it provides far more holding power because you are closing the collet against a far larger taper.
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