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  • B&S collets

    I have a dozen or so short Brown & Sharpe collets. These have no threads are tapers near one end witha section that looks like a nut goes over it for drawing down into the holder. They possibbly came from some kind of grinding fixture. Over all length is 1.815" width at expanded end of taper is 1.593. taper is 0.582 long and then there is a "barrel" to make up the rest of the length. The area I believe the nut goes over is 0.333 long with a 1.288" diameter. I am trying to find info to buy or make a mounting block to use these. I think they would be concidered light duty since they do not seem to grasp the work beyond the end of the taper. They have the number 11 stamped on the face 180 degrees from the size stapming.

    Every time I try to go to Hardinge's site I get a warning from my anti-virus program saying there is a threat-Exploit Script Injection-360.....what is THAT all about?

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    Screw Machine Collets

    Mark what you have are #11 collets that are used in OO and O sized screw machines. B&S also made collet adapters for using #10 & #21 collets in there milling machines. This was usually a spindle adapter and for the #10 size it was usually a "STUB" collet. There were also blocks for use with a magnetic grinding vice that may hav taken the #11 collets that you have. The nut that goes over the collet is similar in appearance to that found on an ER collet assembly. I do not have any B&S books handy right now so I can not see if they made any adapters for the collets you have. Hope this helps.


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      That is a start. I tyhink the collets I have may have been something related to tool grinding as in resharpening mill bits. I spent a fair amount of time searching on line and found a few sales sites that mention the #11 collets but nothing on design angles or mounts/ holders to use them with. Any idea what the angle is? I may try to make my own mount.