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  • Prosser grinder

    Have found a Prosser Carbide grinder i can get for $300.00 but missing 1 wheel and the collar. Runs well but concerned as it uses a 7" wheel whether i can get another one easily. Any opinions?

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    I think 7 inch is quite common for surface grinders. If you wade through this site on Norton wheels you will see 7 Inch listed.

    Good Luck.




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      prosser Grinder

      Sorry about the slow response but I'm not much of a blogger.The Prosser grinder [which I did buy] is a tool grinder, not a surface grinder-uses a 7x5x 1.25[or 1.5] metal backed wheel with a 4 bolt mounting pattern and a 2" centre hole. The bolt pattern is same as others and i have found a supplier that can have these stones made custom but do not have a price yet.It has a 46grit aluminum oxide wheel and i am hoping to get a 60 grit one for the other end. I see no problem with opening up the centre hole on my lathe if it is going to cost more to have them do it. the machine runs beautifully, forward and reverse, has tables that adjust with a threaded rod on top-table is spring loaded from below so angles can be set easily and micro fine. Will need to make a mitre gage to fit the slotted table.