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Does my computer have a bug?

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  • Does my computer have a bug?

    I've meant to ask this for a few days...
    Whenever I open a thread here and on PM...I get a pop up ad.
    And...whenever I use Goggle...everything appears to be ok but any search result opened directs me to one of those annoying "Shopping sites" that may or may not have anything to do with what I'm looking for.
    The only way I can get real google results is to hit "Go" again on the Google window in the toolbar....and that is sometimes a crapshoot.
    I do not get the pop ups at any other sites...only here and PM.
    My virus scan keeps coming up with nothing.
    I must have some kind of "bot" in this but don't know what it could be.
    Any ideas? Thanks!
    I have tools I don't even know I own...

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    Is it running Windows

    You might try running Adaware and HiJack This. Both are free downloads. They will help locate and remove mal-ware and spyware.

    Are you running Firefox? That would prevent some problems and the Adblock Plus add-in will block most of the crap that pops up.

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      Den..yes I'm running windows XP. I don't have Firefox.
      I'm using PC-cillin and have been really happy with it.
      It's just not cluing in on whatever is "bugging" me right now.
      I have tools I don't even know I own...


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        A lot of the anti-virus products don't do well with spyware. Try Adaware free version, it's the easiest to use. When you down load it, do an immediate "update definitions" and let 'er rip...
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          PC-cillin , adaware,macafee,anything thats even related to norton,are all junk and jokes ,

          i run avg and webroot spy sweeper and both are top notch ,,if you take alook at all the reports oon the net over 90% point you to avg and spy sweeper ,, and ihave tried them all and these 2 are the only ones that really even do anything at all and they are over 90% in compareson to all the rest,

          there is no 100% fool proof antivirus or anti spy programs but these ones are more then high enought and do auctually work ...

          dont start merssing around either with a pile of them to see what does what or does not do what , as you will make things worse ,, these types of progrmas on install will melt them self into os files which is what they do and is normal and to try and undue the eitire program to avoied conflicts wth a new one is vertially impossible will out causeing other problems, also even having more then 1 of each type installed running or not they do run due ot system file melting you can also end up creating virus.s as well or other system OS damage ,,
          the only way to have a stable performace of the computer and the anit spy and anti virus is

          A ...pick what you want to run
          B.... reformat and install everything fresh and clean"everything
          C.... watch the sites you surf on always goole search a link before you cick and see if its valid site or not
          D ...dont screw artound with muilty anti virus and anti spyware programs just do the reasech for the most reccomned and go with it..

          E ....make sure all your windows updates are upto date as well.

          as for fire fox i have alot of mixed feelings on that program, i use only IE and i dont have any issues and i have tried other browsers as well and find then to be very inferor.. the other this is for thoes that dont know anything IE is a cridicial part of windows and in fact it stilll is very much the core of the windows operating system and thats not goping to change anytime soon, personaly i think apple has the best and most solid operating system but they are much slower then PCS in pretty mcuh anything except for photoshop and the macintosh do have the best progrmas and quaility of output for now on graphics sound and animation but that was what they were made for .. PCS are getting better all the time but until microsoft can seperat IE from the core part of the OS they will always have some isses that we all just have to live with, your not going to stop all pop ups eithere and messing around wiht 3rd party popup programs is also not a good idea and causes problems as well..

          same as haveing muilty search engins installed as well also not a good idea pick one and live with it ,,
          tool bars anyother problem causeer as well..


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            spybot works for me. I run it every other day to remove any spy ware and pop ups that are not blocked. I also clean Dufus's brain/harddrive every week or so. Oh, I use AVG also.
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              Thanks! I just installed Ad-Aware and it hunted down the dirty lil buggers and killed them.
              132 infections that PC missed.
              Hopefully that's the end of it.
              I have tools I don't even know I own...


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                Hi Russ

                try this prog called "Bootit"

                tutorials here


                it don't get rid of viruses............

                but what it does is...........copy the whole of your hard drive onto another drive ..the copy when done should be free of viruses and spyware make sure before you start.

                Then at a later date when your comp does bugger up just format your drive ...and transfer your copy back again .........with everything ready to go .progs settings, your Internet settings the lot messing about for hours everything is done.

                all the best.markj