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Tube Squishing?

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  • Tube Squishing?

    HA HA HA yup tube squishing / A new machining skill. i have 2 inch tubeing and have to squish the ends evenly down to about 3/4 inch width. This has to be done on each end evenly. These will be welded into a larger tube to form a Fence. Any ideas how to do this ? Basically the ebnds are flattened so they will fit onto the slightly larger top fence tube? The guy wants it this way NO COPING OF THE ENDS< Cheap and dirty ? Thanx Mike

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    Shop press between two steel blocks (one attached to the ram).

    And a bit of testing.

    You might have to flip the tube to get it uniform.

    Make some sort of 'squish stop' for the press when you're happy with the outcome.



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      'Soften' the ends with lotsa heat and press them while they're still red. This has worked for me before as you can sort of control the 'squish' area by the size of the heated area.
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        I just used my bench vise for this instead of the press.
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          You need to put something flat inside to keep it from collapsing in the middle. Otherwise it'll look more like an 8 than an 0. I just had to do 18 of them with 1 3/8" thin-wall tubing.

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            You'll need to orient the second end parallel with the first, won't you? If I were doing it I'd be inclined to do the vise bit so I could have an upright clamped to the bench a ways down there for aligning the second flat.
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              Take a bar end and bore it on a taper then saw in halfbevel the edges so it does not scar the tube and use it as a swedge to reduce the ends (think blacksmith) gives an even taper down to the 3/4 then flatten to the thickness you need.You may have to make 2 swedges .