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Made C-Clamps... what was I thinking????????

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  • Made C-Clamps... what was I thinking????????

    Well anyways I needed some clamps. Ya know ya always need "bigger ones" ...
    I bought a metal cutting 7.5 inch blade w/38 teeth from HF . I used it to cut the 9/16 plate that I made these clamps out of and it worked AWSOME.. I used the 20% coupon that I got here and the total was $16 per blade..... Thoes blades left a surface that looked like I milled it. Now what to do with the clamps???????????

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    They look good , how far do they open ? Looks like 18 to 24 inches ? I have fabricated clamps before but nothing that big . Dan


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      What kind of a saw did you mount that blade on?
      And did you make the screws for your clamps? If you did..I wanna know how you made the swivel parts.?????
      BTW...those are going to come in darn handy someplace down the road...
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        One small suggestion, put hex heads on them so you can run them in and out with a socket. Then you can use an air ratchet, impact, or even a cordless drill for rapid travel...
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          Hey...I just have spare left hand gloves in your shop too huh?
          I'd like to trade somebody a hockey sock full of left hand gloves for a couple of right hand gloves.
          I have tools I don't even know I own...


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            Why make them if you had no need?

            The larger clamps I have seen usually don't close down completely.
            The manufacturers must figure, if you need a large clamp, you must be clamping something large.

            Also the screw sticking up above the clamp is always in the way.


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              lu47dan They open 14 and have a 12 inch throat

              torker I mounted the blade on a mikita hypoid worm drive. The plate that I used was 9/16 thick x 6 inches wide and about 60 long. I split it up the 60 inch length with that saw. It would cut about 1.5 feet and the 15 amp breaker in the breaker box would trip. It was 21F degrees in the garage today.

              The threaded rod and couplings and nuts were purchased from mcmastercarr
              1-5 acme. The swivels I made. I used my homemade ball turning attachment and turned a 5/8 ball on the end of the shaft, the shaft was cut down to 1/2. I made the swivels and used a 5/8 ball end mill for the hole. The end was tapered down and I used a center punch to punch all around to "crimp" it on to the ball. It seems to pivot perfectly. I made the balls on the end of the handles too and brazed them on. This prevents the rod from falling out

              baddog There is hex nuts welded on the end of the acme rods

              The ad for the HF saw blade says it cuts 3x faster than a chop saw with a fiber blade with grit in it. I was truly amazed. It did NOT kick back . It cut just like it was cutting a hard wood that was 2x harder. The only draw back was the chips from hell that came off the blade. man were they hot and they were everywhere in the 3 bay garage. It cut WAY faster than a torch and there was zero clean up
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                Russ look at Frets page he made some small swivel ends for a clamping device he made, his were brass .
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                  Nice clamps man but iam woundering why you did not make the threaded rod and the nuts for them your self. ????????


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                    Very manly clamps you got there! Must be nice having clamps that are actually big enough you can put a custom paint job on, complete with ghost flames! Pinstripping would be nice too. Ain't got a hair if you don't
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                      Could you post a close-up pic of the swivel ends?

                      I have to agree with YOD; these just cry out for a custom paint job.

                      I have been de-rusting my motly assortment of c-clamps, shooting them with a coat of primer, then painting them (yellow.) I like being able to see dirt, grease & oil on the clamps and wipe it off easily, especially when the same clamp that is used for machine work is then used for woodwork.


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                        Now a custom Flame paint job would be cool................. *L*

                        I wont be back to the shop for a week or so. But here is a close up.

                        This pic shows a ball. I machined the 1 inch acme thread down to 5/8 and put a ball on the end. Then I cut it down to 1/2 between the ball and the acme thread.

                        Then I made the pivot . This has a 5/8 hole with a 5/8 ball milled end.
                        Then I put it on and crimped it around the ball on the acme thread.

                        airsmith.. I ddint make the acme rod because it was only $20 for 3'. A 1 inch bar 3' long is the same price.....
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