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  • Boring head shop made

    I finally did something in the shop. This is boring head from the Rudy 2 book
    It is a fairly compact design for those of us with small bench mills .I wittled out of piece of 2 inch round stock mild steel . It is about 1 3/4 in diameter and 1 5/8 tall excluding the shank that will fit a 1/2 in collet . I used a regurlar dovetail cutter and used some brass cause i had it. it is sized for a 3/8 in boring bar . over all it came out well except for the adjusting screw.
    I had a parting wreck when i parted it and i smoked my slirring saw cutting the slit. also i still dont any way to index the 50 marks it needs , so i will probably will redo the screw when i have what i need to do it with.

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    Yup, looks just like the one in the book.

    Nice job.

    Regards, TC
    I cut it off twice; it's still too short
    Oregon, USA


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      Nice looking job. Too bad about the wreck, I had one also. Worked all day on a complicated piece and near the end the cutter on the mill grabbed it and tore a big chunk out of the piece. It's still useable but it kind of smoked me as things were going along rather nicely until then !

      As for your problem, you may be able to drill it oversize and sleeve it and rethread. Use a different metal and you can boast you did it that way on purpose ! Good luck.
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