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Buffalo 18 drill press

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  • Buffalo 18 drill press

    Picked up a Buffalo 18 drill press few months ago-worked fine when took home but decided to do some restoration work on it-mostly cleaning, repainting etc. Also changed motor and pulley to slow it down a bit. It is a beautiful older machine with a head that cranks up and down as well as the table crank, originally had a foot lever as well but while the gear and lever and column support are there, the lever is not. The main problem is the quill moves up and down about 1/4" so drops thru a hoel as a bit breaks thru plus the quill will not return though i repaired the broken spring and there is black oil dripping thru the spindle [and throwing]. Is there info on how to repair the heads? Have ordered a manual but supect it will have no info on repairs
    Richard J

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    pictures might help !