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OT, traveling Telepresence.. Google Maps.. you can look ahead

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  • OT, traveling Telepresence.. Google Maps.. you can look ahead

    Click the lil man.. street level..
    Type 1488 Lazelle street Sturgis SD.. about how many blocks off?? Use arrow keys to look around..

    Any of you recognize this spot??
    Excuse me, I farted.

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    The Broken Spoke Saloon, Sturgis is across the street. Been there, got the T-shirt


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      Well... I left with a small Blonde from Texas named Bridget and a tee shirt. I had seen her going bar to bar as I was. That was in 95. I still had the panhead then.

      I kinda figured you'd been there.. Up in Deadwood the cobblestones were slick in the early morning dew. A steak was $5.. I brought home a few memories, tattooed all week as much as I wanted to sit in the chair.. Taxes were nasty, paid in advance..

      This computer stuff still amazes me. NOW, why can't I walk down by computer into all the national parks and paths?? A tour of downtown during bike week?? I guess that'd be X-rated.. OR a virtual tour of MARS??? It had the same spherical camera lens..
      Excuse me, I farted.