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Is it difficult to make a web site?

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    I'm in the same boat Mike. Well, except for all the programing skills that you have and I don't. Here's a couple of web sites that I found that seem to have pretty good beginning tutorials on building websites. and

    I don't know how old or obsolete these sites are so if any of you guys who know what you are doing could take a quick glance and give us a thumbs up or down, I for one, would really apreciate it.



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      Thanks for a very direct answer Doc. Lots of good info brunneng.
      Location: North Central Texas


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        No, making a web page is very easy to start with. You can get real crazy later as you get some experience, or if you so desire, but for us "first timers", or for us with very little time to get real nutso, it can be very very easy.

        I used WORD 2000 on my web pages. Posted them on on the server of my ISP, which allows 5 megs free web site service for each member (I only pay $17.50 per month for e-mail, Internet, AND web hosting). In WORD 2000 you can do quite a bit with backgrounds, inserting pictures, yah de yah.

        I use WS_FTP95 LE software as my FTP protocal transfer to my internet provider, This is free download software, available through .

        You can take a look at my site, it is:

        I have a few things I need to do in the page titlres area to get rid of frames and such, but this is still a work in progress. This is a word 2000 page set-up, and for all my pages thus far, it is only about 2.6 megs.

        I am no expert, have very little time, but then again, a part of one of my jobs is to have a web site.

        You can get very intricate, as mentioned, but a start is very easy.

        Hey, someone on the page told me how to get rid of the frames for the "sub pages", please re-post, or tell me via- e-mail again
        CCBW, MAH


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          Mike -

          I did not read all of the answers above so this may be a duplicate -

          NO! making a web page is not hard. Can you do drag and drop? Can you type text? Can you highlight a work and click a button to make a link to another page?

          Can you operate in MS Word? They have a save as web page option. How is that for easy?

          They even have shareware web page makrs/editors. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO WRITE OR EVEN UNDERSTAND HTML. It helps now and then. Go to
          and look around. Not a lick - narry a character - of html code on this web site - be aware that it is not complete.

          I use MS FrontPage to make my web sites. Have many (and large ones) under my belt. If you want to discuss it and see some more of my work contact me off line.


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            Thanks all,

            This has been a VERY informative post for me and, as I would assume, for others. I'll try and start making a web site now. Maybe you all could keep an eye on this topic, I'm sure I'll have more specific questions when I really get into it. Again, thanks very much for your time and expertise!


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