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  • Dro problems

    Hi folks
    I have a mid 80s Bridgeport with a Futaba dro on it. It has been giving me fits on the Y axis for some time now. Last week it quit altogether.
    I checked out everything I could without letting any smoke out of it but no miracles today.
    I am sure it is about the same age as the mill.
    I was thinking as most of my work is hobby related and pretty basic that I might try one of the cheaper units put out by CD CO
    any of you fellas ever use or have any negative thoughts or issues with that outfit.
    Couple years ago I put a Grizzly DRO on my lathe and have been very happy with it but that is a couple hundred more than the CD one.
    I would welcome any responses.

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    i did buy a cdco dig. readout for my bridgeport. have used it a few times without any problems but its only been less than a year. the guy that answers the phone is good about not selling you something that may not be right. and his prices are great. they're reasonable so i would not be afraid to do it again. . . .


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      You might try calling Walt Stanczyk at 586-247-0150. I've dealt with him, as have several friends, and all of us were pleased with his work. He repairs different brands of DROs.

      Usual disclaimers apply.