When I received my Lathemaster 8x14 lathe, the cross slide leadscrew was bent very slightly from shipping. I gave Bob a call and he promptly sent me a new leadscrew.
When I recieved the new leadscrew, it was not properly fitted to the nut that was already on the lathe. It binded and was tight. I took a file and began to fit the leadscrew and nut to each other and eventually got a pretty good running fit, but not perfect. At the same time I also left a voice mail on Bobs phone. Bob then sent me an email saying that he was sending me a fitted nut in the mail.
Well now I am thinking that the new nut he is going to send me won't fit the leadscrew...
Well I just received the box from Bob, and he sent me a whole NEW leadscrew AND a fitted nut. I just placed them in the lathe and all is good!
Bob really went out of his way to give me A++ customer service. Just a satisfied customer!