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  • Leland Gifford Drill press

    Need some help finding any information about the Leland Gifford drill presses. I have searched the web with very little results. Looking for any feedback on the drill presses or direction on were to look for information. One has come up on the market, with a 33 X 44 table and is about 9 feet tall with a single spindle. Really don't need one that big, but don't want the machine to go to scrap. Thanks Gear

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    Do Not know. but they are first class machines.
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      The present owner stated the table is 33 by 44 inches. Not sure if he has the size wrong, if he's right this is going to be a huge drill press. Again I don't need it but this one will not see the scrap yard...


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        I've got a 3MS, and have copies of manuals for 3MS and 2LMS. I like mine, there's been some chatter on PM about them, and as of a few years ago they were still in business, but weren't supporting the really old ones.

        IMHO my 20's era LG with four speed motor and backgear was way ahead of the competition, and they covered the next 50 years without any major changes. Mine runs 80 to 1200rpm, 3 speeds on the easy to use powerfeed, 4MT spindle, and just quite a nifty machine.

        Here's an old pic-I've since updated the electrical controls, with pushbuttons for Fwd/Rev, E stop, and Coolant in a little panel on the front of the cross head, and modern contactors, control transformer, etc, in a disconnect panel on the back side.



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          I've got a 2LMS.I also have the manual.

          The 2LMS I have features a 4speed 440vac 3~motor and a two speed low/hi range gearbox.#2MT spindle with provisions for tapping and reverse.

          Paid a whopping $75 for it in running condition,but with a broken table elevation.Fixed tha and finally had to rewind the motor.

          No regrets,they are great machines.
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            Thanks for the picture. I now believe we have the same machine. I have forwarded a PM regarding some electrical questions.


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              What did the rewind run you? I've had little nightmares on what to do if my smoke gets out. The motor is obviously sorta special being a hollowshaft, four speed, etc.


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                Do you have any pictures laying about of your drill press.


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                  SVS,the rewind cost $350 a decade ago,today it would likely run $550-600.If I had to do it again,I would do most of the work myself and just use the motor shop for burnout,dip and bake.Motor winding isn't that bad,it's just tedious and something that can't be rushed.

                  Dunno if your machine has had this problem,but the motor shop that did mine left out a fiber bushing that fits the inside of the motor shaft bore.That bushing keeps the quill spline centered in the bore and prevents it whipping inside the shaft bore.Without the bushing at high speed with the quill up the quill with chatter and howl which sounds and feels horrible.Mine was lost,so I whipped up a replcement from UHMW plastic,works fine ever since.

                  Gearhead,no I don't have any pictures of it,but I can get you some if it would help you indentify what it is your looking at.

                  I might also mention Leland also made several versions that used the same head/gearbox config,but were setup for belt drive,usually a large VS pulley setup.Those are a simpler setup considering motor swaps etc.Don't think they run as smooth as the direct drive models though.
                  I just need one more tool,just one!