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  • brunneng
    Ijust visited the Wohlhaupter website. The digibore is so cool. A boring head with a built in DRO, how sweet is that.

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  • Spin Doctor
    I've been using the Criterion tenth adjustable heads for the past year or so and have been extremely pleased with them. But even as nice as they are they still don't have the rigidity of Wohlhaupter. It always amazes me the lack of understanding a lot of guys have about the need for maximum rigidity in boring operations

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  • Thrud

    Stop, you are giving me a woody!

    Wohlhaupter is sold by Dapra on this side of the pond (the scrapping guys). And they make beautiful stuff. Kennametal has outstanding, super accurate boring heads too. Schnaublin makes boring heads as well (don't quote me). A few other come to mind (and the tradenames are a blackout - sorry) that produce exceptional tools in the smaller range, including heads to replace the collets on ER-25 to ER-50 collet holders. I have a post with their name somewhere in the archive here...

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  • Ragarsed Raglan

    Are you sure the parts originated in Germany? Just because it has a German name doesn't mean it IS from Germany. That could well be a 'Wang-Foo-Schmid' product from the Shanghai branch of the Ruhr Valley! Note the spelling of Schmid (to make sense it should be SCHMIDT!)

    A common trick from Chicom industries is to pass stuff off has having come from someplace with an engineering heritage. As far as boring heads go there are only a couple of European brands to look out for:-

    Wohlhaupter (Frickenhausen, Wurtt. Germany), possibly the best boring head in the world. Available from 2" slide traverse 2MT shanks, upto 15"+ slide traverse on 50Int tapers. Imperial heads give accuracies of 0.0002" ON DIAMETER!

    Thiel (Gebruder Thiel, Kessel Sands) did a super head for their machines. very nice, very rare!

    Jones & Shipman (Leicester, England), nice in the smaller sizes but without the refinements of the Wohlhaupter, don't do any big sizes (unless special order)

    There is also a Swedish made boring head which I think is a Bofors Galspang Aktie Bolaget (the famous gun makers), but stand to be corrected on this one. I've only ever seen a couple of these and they were as near as good as the Wolhaupter with regard to features, but I've never used one!

    Remember that the Germans ALWAYS put their town and district on their equipment as they are proud of their region. This is true of much of Europe. e.g. Moore & Wright stuff is always marked 'Sheffield, England', Herberts equipment was always marked 'A.H Ltd. Coventry, England.'


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  • GRH
    started a topic It's not only ENCO

    It's not only ENCO

    A couple of years ago 2 guys at work plus myself purchased from GRAND tool a german
    made boring & facing head. Wunderfool german
    engineering yeh ???? Brand name "SCHMID".
    All pieces hardened and ground ,some parts
    blackened, nice wood box.
    Now the problems.

    1/. The shank was tooo long and fouled the
    feed mechanism. Had to be ground approx
    1/32 off length.

    2/.The slip ring that holds the stationary
    bar ( for auto feed ) tooo thick. Worked
    till shank installed.
    Had about .015 rotary ground off to get
    it to work.

    Luckily we worked for a Machine tool
    Manufacturer who had the tools and
    expetise to do the rework.
    We approached GRAND TOOL and was told
    that they have a no return policy.

    I also got stuck by them with R8 endmill
    holders with undersize bores again
    vunderfool German Inganerring.