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OT/Avalanche deaths in BC..

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  • OT/Avalanche deaths in BC..

    Hey guys... this is the worse ending to a year I can ever remember.
    Our house has been hit pretty hard with this.
    I have this sled wrecking side business and have had most of these guys in my yard at one time or another.
    One in particular was like one of my kids.
    Warren Rothel...33 years old. His wife...a beautiful person with two babies and a new one on the way.
    I first met him years ago when I was mud racing. I was in the top class by then...running a big block nitrous powered mud rail....then moving on to the blown alcohol class.
    Warren always wanted to be one of the top level racers and was always pestering me with questions.
    He always sorta looked up to me as some kind of role model I guess.
    When I decided to retire from racing he phoned me up and begged me to hang onto my car til he could come up with the money for it.
    The rest is history....soon it was me looking up to him.
    I was very proud of the way he took over where I left off.
    I spent hours and hours on the phone..teaching him the "Black Art" of blown alky motors...proper etiquette both on the track and towards the fans.
    He did not disappoint.
    To pay me back...he invited me to a race near here last August. He paid for everything....let me race my old hotrod again..
    He treated me like some kind of "King for the Day".
    I was honoured far beyond belief.
    That was Warren...
    He really was like one of our kids. My wife thought the world of him.
    I am really going to miss him.
    I have tools I don't even know I own...

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    My condolences on your loss, Russ.



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      Anytime of the year is bad for this type of thing to happen, but Christmas and New Year are always the worst. We can never tame Nature. Deepest sympathy.

      Regards Ian.
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        Geeeez Russ...I am so sorry to hear about your loss. I was wondering if you had known any of those boys seeing as they are so close to you and you being in the business and all.
        Ernie (VE7ERN)

        May the wind be always at your back


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          So sorry to hear that Russ. Terrible way to end a year, and start a new one. Best wishes for you and yours, hopefully there will soon be something good to offset the bad...
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            Sorry Russ, it's always worse when you are close to someone who gets caught up in a slide or any other fatality. Snowing up a storm here in Castlegar, flights canceled, roads the s***ts. Grandson was to fly to Ottawa today, working on his Phd in math ( have to brag) There is going to be a lot more snow before this system has gone to attack Alberta. There are going to be many more slides before the winter is over, let's hope no more victims this year. I do quite a lot of machining on sled engine cylinders and heads for Canadian equipment and the local sledders, hope they get the message, wouldn't want to lose any of my local buddies. Again sorry for your loss. Peter
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              Have followed this tragedy on the news, so many involved I'm sure everyone is affected in some way or the other, looks like a tighknit community, I imagine being over run with media and reporters. It will take time to heal and nothing will fill their void, at least they left earth doing what they loved.......
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                Decades ago, my industrial arts teacher, a midget racer and a damn decent guy died in a crash with a drunk. Robert Blume, his wife and child all killed in an instant.

                Guy was a father figure to me.

                Senseless death is hard to deal with. I can only offer you my sympathy, I can't ease your pain. It will take time for that.

                Tears in my eyes remembering him and his family yet again,

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                  My heartfelt condolences go out to not only you Russ, but to the families and the whole community where these men were from.

                  Being from a small community myself I know how close everyone is to each other and can feel the pain that must at this time be experienced by every member of the community. I am sure each of these men touched many members of of their communities on a daily basis as brothers and friends. After watching the news last night and seeing the pain this has caused to everyone I could not help but to shed a tear. It's tough loosing a friend, and especially tough when eight men die so senselessly.

                  I can only imagine the hell the survivors went through when they realized there was nothing they could do to help the eight that were buried. My heart goes out to those three men especially, as I'm sure they will carry a lifetime scar from that day.

                  Once again Russ, sorry to hear of your loss, hope something comes along soon to cheer you up.

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                    Sorry to hear of this Torker, my condolences. 2008 had a very rough end for me as well with people dying.


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                      Sorry to hear it Russ,sucks loosing good people.
                      I just need one more tool,just one!


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                        Sorry to hear of your loss Torker. I have lost a few good friends over the years and it goes down hard.

                        For those of you who want to read up on it I found it here:

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                        Thank you to our families of soldiers, many of whom have given so much more then the rest of us for the Freedom we enjoy.

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                          Thanks guys.
                          Yes...I can only imagine....the grief so many family members feel.
                          The guys who left them behind...They had to....there was no sense in them dying too. And they would have.
                          Warren had already been caught in two avalances before. His brother even parked his sled this year...he decided the risk wasn't worth it.
                          This is just a cruel twist of fate...the guys wheren't even supposed to be there. They were supposed to go sledding north of here about three hours.
                          But...a bunch of snow fell during the night so they decided to try in at home.
                          His wife told me there wasn't even enough snow covering the road to the mountain where they went for the sleds to go properly....nobody can believe how much snow came down on them.
                          And he was doing one of the things he loved.
                          Warren was a "real" sledder. He had one of the hottest sleds in the country. That crazy thing was making over 300 glamour...just balls.

                          Gawd..I just hate to see the young guys get it....especially doing something that is supposed to be "fun".
                          I have tools I don't even know I own...