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  • Reamer basics?

    Time to try out my new reamer set. I've got the standard and over/under sets. I need to do a press fit in 304SS for a 3/16" pin, what's the rule of thumb for drilling then using a reamer for a press fit?

    Thanks, Cadwiz

    (oh yea, happy new year!)

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    Every one does it a little different. But I have drilled and reamed thousands of holes . And my way works for me 100% of the time. Drill hole .015 undersized then ream. with a .186 are .1865 reamer will be a tight fit on standard dowel pin.Change to a 187 reamer and ream again. Reamer will be tight but it is possible to get it out if need be. For a slip fit ream again to .188. Use plenty of a heavy cutting oil when reaming and run the reamer slow and feed slow and easy. I usualey feed with power feed on my mill. In lathe you just have to feel it.
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      Thanks Lane, that's what I was looking for.

      Hey, I'm fixing to be up in your neck of the woods (Magnolia, AR) starting around 1/15 for a few months. Sure would like to drop in if I have a chance, have a chat, and check out your shop.



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        Yes would love to meet some of this bunch. PM me when.
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          I assume you are talking about machine reamers for use in the lathe or drill press. I have always used 1/64" under and reamed at half drill speed with coolant. No oopses in the last 60 years. Peter
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            No oops methods sound good. There is a huge set of charts over at yankee reamer which is supposed to tell you exactly how to get the desired hole size in any material. So far, using this chart, and reaming a couple dozen holes, I don't think I've had a hole come out on size yet. . .


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              I would not buy a new set. only purchase the ones that are needed for a particular job. I have a drawer full of reamers that go up to around 2 inches but very few have been used in the past 20 + years since I acquired them at an auction.