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Bridgeport forsale: Grand Rapids, MI

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  • Bridgeport forsale: Grand Rapids, MI

    Howdy all, I've got two mills and I really only need one. I could use the floor space back so I have decided I'd like to get rid of one.
    It's an older J head with 42" table I believe. 1 horse 3 phase. Runs
    good forward/reverse and high/low speed. Belts look ok. One shot
    oiler. Dynamics Reasearch DRO with glass scales on the table and
    saddle (works good). Variable speed power feed on the table with
    limit switch stops. I worked on the brake and it's good and strong.
    It's got a handful of holes drilled into the table. Ways are worn in
    the middle like most are, but the table still feels solid. Power feed
    works both forward and reverse. The cover is missing for the
    forward/reverse switch, but that can easily be made. It comes with a
    fuse disconnect (no fuses though), motor starter and about 6 feet of
    cord to wire it in with. I have a 240 volt coil and a 480 volt coil for the motor starter. The only overloads that I have are sized for 480, you will have to get the right
    overloads for the motor starter if you switch it to 240 volts. Local
    industrial surplus has those parts pretty darn cheap. There is a link
    below for some pictures. I also have the manual for the machine as
    well as the Digital Readout. If you are near the Grand Rapids, MI
    area you are welcome to see it run. Just give me a day in advance or
    so such that I can make sure I am home. If you have any questios or
    would like to see some different photos drop me a line. I'd like to get $1,500. Thanks in
    advance. 616-530-4731

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    That looks like an absolute cherry compared to my 1953 round ram. Mine had well worn-ways, (to be honest, deeply scored is more accurate) noisier than my old vw and is still capable of working to thousandths. I've been running mine for twenty years on the same Phase-a-matic converter.

    I think your offering would be a bargain for anyone that needs a good mill.


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      On your way to visiting Glacier National Park, you could drop it off!
      Why can't I find something like that out in the middle of nowhere? Oh well!